After Poker Stars kicked out USA players

I found Replay Poker. I loved Poker Stars and was a player on their platform for years while I wrote away because that’s my real life, well not my real life, it’s my dream still, but it’s looking pretty good at the moment. Then one day it was impossible to get on Poker Stars, I was like, wtf? Finally I found out they banned all US players from their platform. It was a sad day. I have a way to survive that includes poker play and I needed another place to go. I looked far and away until voila I found Replay Poker. Literally after being here for a few months I am super grateful that it has 100% replaced Poker Stars. Bravo! So glad to have this available and one day if I am a big screenwriter I will mention it, for real, Yes it’s a BIG dream but only dreamers make it to dreams.


Well didn’t realize USA players were cancelled. Haven’t been on Poker Stars for years. Thanks for the update and welcome to Replay. Glad you enjoy it.

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I used to play on Poker Stars all the time also. After a big break, I tried to log back in and found out I couldn’t. Didn’t know why.

But in my case also, that brought me here, and I’ve enjoyed playing here also.