After folding show the hand you would have got

when you fold a hand you cant see what you would have had on the end of that hand. straigt or flush or something you cant see if you would have won

Hello Bogaard. Thank you for taking the time to report this idea, however this idea has already been reported. Regards Replay Support

I miss the “you had” ability when folding.

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How does it work?

You can read it above the cards on table.

What you have or what you would had (depends on whether you are still in the playing hand)

I don’t understand. Once I fold my hand the cards I had disappear. What can make them visible?

Yes the cards disappear, you can not make them visible after folding.

When the flop is on table and you are still in the hand you see above the cards on table…You have…in white.

If you fold, your cards disappear. The text above the cards will change (color change too)…You folded…

But indeed you can not see your cards anymore. I know there are poker sites were it is possible. But Replay does not have that possibility You can bring it up here in a new idea topic. I like to have it.

Greetings Happiness.

Today we added one more enhancement. Now when you fold your cards, you still see the cards, semi-transparent on the table.

I like it! Thanks…

I feel this feature is distracting in a visual way when you’re intently watching the other players once you have folded. What difference does it make after you’ve folded anyway! You’ve lost that hand! As Happiness pointed out earlier, you could always see on the table what you folded.

thank you Jack for your agreement and sensibillity WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!

It really doesn’t matter, you already folded. But, most of us are made that way, to say “if only” This site works hard to improve for everyone. Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback so far. It feels almost like the players are split evenly between those that like it and those that don’t.

I think we can improve the transparency visually by removing the overlap between the cards, which makes it a little more difficult to read the cards.

Alternatively we can push the cards down a bit so it’s more obvious that you’re not in the hand.

Finally we could either hide the cards, unless you mouse over your name, AND/OR add an option in your settings to turn this effect on/off.

Feedback welcome…

The transparency of the cards looks fine the way it is.

I don’t like agreeing with Rick, but in this case I must!

and flowers would look good …

exactly that

I like to see my folded hand, i like the transparency, cards look nice.

But i do not like to see them on the table the whole time when i folded the hand, that is very distracting (my opinion)

Thats why i like the option with the mouse, when you fold your hand the cards goes down, when you held your mouse above your seat the cards get visible.

For now i like to see an option in settings to turn it off / on. (so i can turn it off)

Believe it or not, some of us are just learning the game here at replay. Having the folded cards visible helps us see patterns while the play is going on after we have folded. It is an excellent learning tool. Sometimes after 30 or 40 hands the cards all blur together and it is difficult to remember exactly what number of what suit was folded. We all make a decision and live with it whether the cards are visible or not. Seeing them in no way changes that. A more experienced player who knows the trends, odds, and game circumstances doesn’t need to be concerned, I understand. Maybe a future upgrade could have a toggle on or off button? BTW, the written words over the cards do not remind a person of what was folded unless it forms a made hand. If I fold 23 and an AA flops, the words say ‘you folded pair of Aces’ which is extremely confusing if you have forgotten your hand, or if you didn’t see it because of a slow connection or some other type of interruption of concentration.

Paul, that’s a great idea to have the option if you want to see the hand. That would make everyone happy!!