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What will RP do when Adobe Flash is no longer supported?

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Hopefully they will have switched over to the HTML5 version they’ve been so hard at work on.


Keep in mind, “no longer supported” probably doesn’t mean it vanishes instantly, just that there will be no more updates, and “system-wide repairs” may not be made in a timely fashion. It isn’t like they’ll withdraw it from the web, I don’t think. “Internet explorer” hasn’t been supported for years, but it still works, it just isn’t secure anymore because no one is fixing any new hacks that are found. It “ought to be” replaced in the next few months, certainly within a year. (And, no, I don’t know that for certain, just that that’s the way to bet.)

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Every time I open a table of any kind, I get a pop up to run adobe flash player.I have installed the latest edition. How can I eliminate the message and automatically run AFP? Thanks for any help.

If you go to the topic URGENT Chrome settings change, following the instructions there should solve your problem if you are using the chrome browser

My Chrome is saying that support for Flash stops December 2020. Do we have an alternative in the works yet?

They’re going to beta test now. Hopefully they will complete testing quickly.


Yes HTML5 alpha testing just moved to beta testing today and volunteers were allowed in to help with bug reports.
Speaking for myself only, I feel pretty good about the new version (which doesn’t depend on Flash) being released by the end of the year.

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I hope someone answers this question for me and others. When HTML takes over here at Replay,what will the players have to do to log in? Will there be a delay of sorts? Will we be required to give out personal info? Will we still be able to use our same passwords or pick new ones?

There won’t be any differences to log in to Replay when our tables begin conversion over to HTML5. You’ll just see some brand new felt when you open them. :wink:

I’ll be sending updates via both the forum and site pop-up when this begins, but it won’t require any extra effort on your part. Just play your favorite games as normal!

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