Sorry if this has already been discussed, but maybe someone can shed some light on this issue.

I usually go onto this site with a “desk top, or lap top”. No problem. I purchased a tablet today, and was unaware that NO tablet has Adobe Flash, which this site requires! Adobe discontinued support in 2012 (Ok I’m way behind the times I know). So my issue is, since I am trying to be more reliant on my tablet now because of size etc. has it ever been discussed/considered to move to a different format?
I do play on other sites, and they do have a different format apparently and I am able to play there. Just curious, and yes I also have to (click to open) on my lap top/desk top. I have a Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet.

Maybe they could switch to HTML5 or something. They could probably do that in 3 or 4 weeks, I guess.



See the thread entitled ‘help needed in finding a replacement for Puffin”. If you contact Flashlight he may be able to tell you whether Photon would work on your tablet

SPG, you need to get some throat lozenges for that cough! lol


3 longest running saga’s in the world.

  1. When will Queen Elizabeth step down and allow Charles to become King.
  2. When will anyone actually manage to kill Kenny in Southpark.
  3. When will Replay switch to HTML5. If you browse the forums it was “soon” in 2013. Later this year in early 2014. First quarter of next year in 2015…

The “Puffin” browser works on Android tablets and android handsets if that helps :wink:

Sadly Puffin is due to close down any day now as Apple has refused to allow Puffin to update

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HTML…lol,we have been hearing that for about 3 or 4 years…its a joke man


Yeah, this carrot has been out there for quite awhile. :frowning:

See other thread re the Photon Browser. I played for nearly 2 hours today using it, then it suddenly crashed so I had to close it and reopen to complete the game, so as others have found, photon can be a little unstable but it’s an option if you have an IPad.
If you have an android tablet then The Puffin Browser is still the way to go.

If you really like this site, start pleading with the site developers to update to HTML5. The clock is ticking for Replay. It’s a great site with lots of features you can’t find on other sites but they have to convert the site from flash and move fast.

Essentially, all major browser vendors will stop supporting Flash at the end 2020. You can refer to Adobe’s official announcement at [ The Adobe site also contains links to posts from the various browser vendors, who posted similar announcements the same day as Adobe’s announcement.

I can’t see the developers here just letting this site go obsolete, they must have some plan in place to make a switch. Has anyone heard any definite news on imminent conversion updates for the site?

Just the usual worthless promises for at least 3 years…shouldn’t take this long

there is a way to get to flash on your android, you cannot you use ummm chrome you need to use firefox

i got this website working on my android tablet using this method:

it is not replays fault that steve jobs said flash would be dead by now, obviously he was extremely mistaken as flash is still extremely huge but replay should be on html 5 by now so they stop dealing me the same hand 3 times in a row. You can maybe take the tablet back and get a windows tablet and maybe chrome will run like normal or opera will run like normal and play flash. i don;t think windows has dropped flash as yet