Add Turbo rooms with less time to make a play

For example reduce the time by half to speed up the pace of the game.

I like this idea; seems it would keep the play to those that are awake; and not put the rest of us to sleep. . .thumbs up.


Great - this seems like a really popular idea! Keep on voting everyone.

This is great for players like GRK and BMW, if u wait to long he always sais: zzzzzzzzzzzzz

GREAT idea. This would keep the sleeper players from puting the rest of us to sleep!

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well , why turbo rooms. i think it should be standard for all rooms, at least half the time

Our current time is about 30 seconds. Would members like to suggest how much time they think this should be reduced by, and if we then add turbo rooms, how much time you should have there, for example: Standard Room: 20 secs Turbo Room: 10 secs

I have been noticing alot of people abusing the timer. I think the timer is 20-30 seconds … if this could be reduced to a 10 second timer I believe that a reasonable tempo could be kept throughout the game tables including tournaments. If a person times out they should automatically sit out next hand. This does not happen all the time but it is an abuse and annoys alot of people. I have in fact witnessed people leaving a table and going to others to avoid this. ty for your consideration and time.

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20/10 sounds perfect to me.

We’ve now reduced the standard timer from 30 secs to 20 secs. On the new turbo rooms, this will be reduced further to 10 secs. I’ll post an update here once these go live.

Great, I am SOOOO sick of everyone else waiting until the last second to decide whether they should call a big bet!!!

Yeah, that’s a perfect time.

Good news, we start working on the turbo rooms next week. The past couple of months have been fixing bugs and issues, now we can start adding more new features to the site!

Sometime player can lose connection and restore it. Often it can be on wifi and other low connections. I usually see it in the zyngapoker (mobile+wifi) therefore turbo rooms should be as option only.

Thanks andreyts - yeah we’ll only have certain rooms with turbo play.

It took a little longer than we hoped but I’m pleased to announce that today we’ve added turbo rooms to the lobbys. You can now take your pick between regular speed tables and fast speed tables. The former gives you 20 secs to make a play, the latter only 10 secs. Enjoy!

faster play clock

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awesome idea real fast games