add on

what is an ADD ON? ty

An add-on takes place during a rebuy tournament. During the add-on break all players can add-on to their chip stacks. Add-ons are usually the same price as rebuy’s, but you get more chips. This is usually the final time in a rebuy tournament where player’s can add-on chips before the tournament becomes a freeze out meaning no more rebuy’s at all are allowed in the tournament.

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Mark has explained the role of add-ons in tournaments, if you are talkiing about plugins and add-ons on the computer, these are small, additional programs that are added into your web browser to provide extra functionnality.


And if you’re talking about women, it can mean one of 3 things…

You ask them out and they bring a friend. This kind of add-on is not a good thing.

You meet online and she shows you a picture that’s 5 years and 50 pounds out of date. That 50 pound addon is not a good thing.

She’s pregnant. Your household of 2 is about to have an add-on and become a household of 3. This kind of addon is sometimes called a “kid”, and is a pain in the butt for awhile, but eventually gets big enough to do all the lawn care and other chores. They usually stay a pain in the butt forever, but it’s more or less worth it-ish, so let’s call this kind of add-on neutral.


Here’s a little more important information about the “kid” type of add-on…

At first, this add-on will just be a squiggly lump of gyrating flesh, prone to roaring and drooling uncontrollably. The fully modern man should not be alarmed by this.

If one were to summon enough courage to approach to within arm’s length, they will detect one of 2 odors. The first of these is that of talcum powder. The proper response here is to make silly faces, hide your face behind your hands and then suddenly move your hands to reveal your face, or to utter soothing gibberish syllables that do nothing to promote the development of the add-on’s oratory prowess. Use caution, however, because doing these things in front of witnesses will result in a loss of dignity, and performing them poorly can result in an ear-splitting bout of roaring.

If, on the other hand, one detects a sour odor not unlike that of an ill tended animal pen, DO NOT APPROACH! Simply summon the butler or your personal assistant, who will contact the mother so she can summon the au pair and get her to perform the secret Ritual of Purification. The man should walk, not run, and secure himself inside of his study until this ordeal is over.

The ritual itself is unknown to man, and rightly so. I suspect it involves witchcraft or other pagan rites, and from all accounts, is a nasty bit of business. One tidbit of information gleaned from my household manager is that it involves something called “wipes,” whatever they might be. A man shudders to consider the possibilities, but you can rest assured that the “kid” will be returned to a proper talcum powder smell if all goes well.

I hope this helps!