Add an Exhibition Table

I think it would be great if there was an “Exhibition Table” where you could see all the cards being played (a bit like the TV coverage)…

It would have to “lag” one hand behind the actual play to eliminate the ability to cheat and the players would have to be warned that everyone can see there cards and possibly study their tactics.

I imagine it would be fairly easy to program and would make an excellent addition to the site.

NO no no please NO.Dont do it. NO. A major part of poker is being able to read, and play, the table in real time. You had your chance to see the cards being played by hitting the call button.Its known as “keeping ya honest” or “had to see” or in reality paying for an education.
Plleeeaaaaasseee NNNOOOOOOOOO
Good Luck And Good Cards

I don’t understand your objections. What it the difference between what I’m suggesting and watching it on TV?

I think it’s an excellent idea - I’d love to see this!

Not a bad idea, but I guess it should come with some restrictions in terms of stake level. Would be interesting to see decent players playing. However, I think it would be meaningless when it comes to lower tables because they are full of bingo players and we all know their tactics- GET LUCKY or lose trying!!!

I agree. Maybe a 1K/2K table ?

Not a bad idea, would certainly be interesting. And ofc its only for a select number of tables so if u dont like it don’t play it. However i think that’s the trouble, not many would play it. Some players like to show every hand almost, and others i have never seen show. The decent players will rarely/never show. Also many do like to spectate, especially the high/elite stakes tables. If u could offer incentives to play this “Exhibition Table” then more might play. Maybe make it a table with an additional antes as well as the normal blinds to get more action etc. The 72 game might also add to the entertainment and create more action. If a player wins with 72 they get a set amount from every player, on top of the pot they have won. The straddle is also a great way to create more action and bigger pots etc. The straddle is an option in some games for the player after the big blind to add an extra blind in, making the price to play double the big blind. The player usually puts in the extra big blind or double the big blind chips before the cards are dealt, or at least before they look at their cards.
What about making a top 10 bluff for the month list? Reward the No#1 player on the list with an additional 5 or 10% chips, added to the pot they won at the end of the month. My concern would be policing, and making sure players don’t cheat in order to get the extra bonus chips.

Not a bad idea, but I think it would be better if the names of the people who play are not shown.

Love the idea of an exhibition table, I would be willing to play it even without an incentive just for the celebrity of it! I think even better however would be to have say a large Buy in tournament added that could have this feature so that it could almost be like watching a big tourney on TV.