Add a table with a wild card

duces wild game wouuld draw players. also a no peak game would be fun …all players are dealt 7 cards face down …the dealer rolls the top card then in order the first player rolls 1 card at a time til lthe dealers card is beat. then the betting. next player dose the same…then more betting etc.etc till a winner is determined.

Hi dmurray

Please post your topic here…

ReplayPoker has a room manager now, better post all requests and feedback there. Handy to have all new requests, ideas, feedback about rooms, tourneys, promotions having in that topic right now.

Greetings Happiness.

Actually happiness it might be best for players to keep specific ideas in new topics, that way we can keep better track of them. I think that link you posted though would be great to get players to give general feedback about the site and the promotions.

Dmurray87: thanks for the suggestion, if it’s something other players would like to see, then please add your comments and +1 it.