ADD 2000 chips to me for the tournament failing wile i was entered. no cards were delt to me. it folded me every time

Daily Million Satellite - 10 Daily Million Ticket Tournament ID: #195181 Starts: Apr 7, 11:45pm EDT (running about 1 hour) Level 10: Blinds 500/1000 Next Level: Blinds 750/1500 (in 5 mins) Entrants: 48, currently 15 players on 2 tables

the whole tounament i didnt get delt cards my name was there but in gray the whole time and it too my 2000 cgips because it folded all my hands. please help fix that. 2000 chips

This last weekend was rather exceptional because of Friday’s outage, so I’ve just refunded your buy-in keithgetz, if it continues to happen though let us know and we’ll investigate further.