Achievements for rebuy in ring games

I have added new chips in ring games a couple of times now to get my badge for it - but I can’t seem to get it
Is there someone that had the same problem maybe and knows how to solve it
Tx in advance

There is a change to HTML format which is slowing a few things down. Maybe that is part of it. Several Awards might take few minutes-hours or longer to get to Your Bank etc… Good Cards n Fun - Gator

Ok tx - will wait a bit longer then :slight_smile:

HTML5 shouldn’t affect achievements, but Second Chance is one we haven’t heard much trouble about in the past. I’ve forwarded this over to support so they can help you out.

Tx so much - I have tried again more than once and still no succes :o

I have the same problem, done everything I could think of and I still can’t get it. were you able to get it?
if anybody and help me out.

BTW, it has been at least a week since I “completed” the achievement.


Just sent this over to support so they can fix that for you!

i have this same problem i have done it a bunch of times and still have not gotten it plz help thx

hi i am having the same problem i have tried every which way to do it and i still havnt gotten the badge for second chance do u think u could help me out plz?

Sure thing! I’m creating a support ticket for you and we’ll get that corrected ASAP.

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Hello fizzymint i have another ploblem and am seeing if u could help me out with this, i entered into an MTT called Bankroll Builder and there were 71 people that were playing and it said the top 15 positions get paid and i came in 14th place. Which i was trying to do bcz i wanted to get the “In the Money Achievement” which all you have to do is come in a paid position in an MTT and your supposed to get it but i never recieved the achievement. Do you think u can help? please and thank you, tino28

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