Achievement unlocked

I finally hit quad deuces tonight, and unlocked the Mighty Ducks.

I think an even bigger achievement would be to lose with Quad Deuces. Imagine hitting that and then getting beat by someone else who hit quads, or a straight flush. It deserves recognition.

Well, anyway, here’s what the quackers look like:

I finished 10th in this MTT, in the money but not really enough to be worth it. Oh well.

I now only have a few Achievements remaining to complete:

  1. Win 10 MTT. Working on it.
  2. Beat 5+ players in a showdown. I’m not even sure how you play to get 5 people together for a showdown. That’s cray.
  3. Win 500K in a hand (I’ve done it, but not at a ring game table, so it didn’t count.)

Fwiw, I only hit that last one a few days ago. Now my only remaining achievement is the Four Horsemen.

Beating five people at showdown is easy. Play for a while in the 1-2 rings. Except for the all-ins, nobody raises (or if they do, it’s a min-raise), and everyone calls. Don’t bother trying to win chips by betting for value, since it means nothing to your bankroll at this point.

Doesn’t seem worthwhile, really.