Achievement "The Bluff"?

Hello to all,

under special achievements some players have got “The Bluff”. I’ve found an explaination that a player has to bluff all players with nothing and all players must fold to win this achievement.

I think i did this several times, but i did not receive this achievement.

Can someone explain the conditions to win this prize?

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I have it, it say simply: win a hand with an empty hand after all enemyes fold…

Thank you for your answer.
I did it at ring games but did not receive anything. But i mucked. Maybe i had to show?!

You don’t need to show.

You do need to have nothing - maybe 72o - and have no 7 and no 2 and nothing that is any sort of a draw or failed draw.

The rules are that you are required to make a bluff with nothing. Are you good enough to keep everyone in the hand and then win?

(who regularly wins the bluff award lmao)

Thank you for your answer.
I played at a 2-player table, went all in with nothing, other player folded. I got no achievement.
Does it have to be a 9-player table? Or just more than one enemy? Don’t know.


Just had a look and yes i have the Bluff. :rofl:

So you have just scared one guy and want to claim the award for this ?
I have one, I think I got it after MTT, then probably you need 6 or 9 players table.
I do not remember exactly, but I think it has to be some action involved, not just the initial bet.

You have to play the whole hand, everyone folds and the winner has nothing in his/her hand. Heads up does not count.

I don’t know how many people are needed, but I do remember that this was the very first one I got, within like 10 minutes of joining the site.

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I’ve got it.
It was a 9-player table, 5 players left, 4 paid the blinds, flop came up and i got flush draw.
I bet and 3 players folded and that’s it. Very easy.

Thank you all for your help and your tips.

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