Aces beat by 72

Second hand of a 9-seat SNG. I love going out on the first or second hand, do it often!

In late position, I raise 3x BB holding ATs. I expect this wasn’t enough, but I’m OK with getting a couple calls and laying it down if I don’t hit the flop.

I hit the flop. Ace pairs, 7-2 the other cards on the flop. Middle position bets the pot, and I debate what I should do for a moment. I consider that he probably hit the Ace, and that I may well have a better kicker. I consdier that he may have hit two pair. But I’m OK calling here and seeing the Turn.

He bets pot on the turn again, and I think at this point I should have just laid it down. But yeah, I don’t want to play a whole tournament from behind, so I figure OK, if I’m beat, I’m beat. Let’s see. And I shove. He calls. Flips up 72.


Why was he even limping with this hand? What is he doing calling a 3x BB bet? (Because it’s replaypoker, that’s why).

And yet… and yet… whenever I have bottom two pair, I never beat the over pair that I think I’m going to beat. The board always pairs some other over-card, and makes half of my two pair hand irrelevant. Can I get a break? Not on this site!

OK, fine, donks. You wanna play this way? We can play this way. My new minimum open is 12 BB.



what gets me is next hand he folds. what the heck is he folding with? but can play 2,7 and even call a raise with it. I see this a lot and never have understood their logic.


You definitely need to raise bigger.

As for the player with the 7-2 hand, maybe this is a follower of @SunPowerGuru :smiley:

When he leads into you for a pot-sized bet on both flop/turn, what specific hands do you think he could have that you beat?


Dude, 72o is an awesome hand!


No question I need to raise bigger. Lately it seems no matter how much you raise up, someone’s going to donkey-call you with weak cards and make a miracle suckout. It’s just a question of how much do I want to finance them :nauseated_face:

So when he bet pot on the flop, I figured I may be up against A7 or A2, or possibly AK. I can put someone on a limp from mid position with AK on this site. I could also see him trying to bluff the hand here.

Clearly it’s a monster here!

I know that these tough beats are painful. If you can keep getting calls from junky hands when you raise it bigger they are going to be paying you on average in the long term. Their 72 (or whatever else it is) is going to miss the flop and have to fold a ton. If you can avoid paying them off when they do make a hand then their basic plan is not going to beat you.


I think he can have AQ and AJ too, and also 77/22. All of these hands you are way behind with your AT. I think he probably bets flop sometimes with small Ax hands like say A9 or even A5, but those hands likely check the turn. In terms of bluffs he could be betting with some sort of flush draw.

On the turn you’re probably behind pretty much everything except a bluff - and my feeling is that he is not bluffing often enough here to make it worth you calling.

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Speaking of 7-2o, here’s a great flop for that hand…

The “#6” I typed there was my count of double paired boards during the session. 7 times in 52 hands.


Well, I did this to someone I was targeting at the table…

It seems like if it misses one player, it hits another, and that’s always the player I’m up against, and when you’re all in, you always see a river. Folding is how you guarantee you lose, and the donks are onto it, so they never fold.

It seems like the only answer is to fold AA preflop and instead go all in with 72o.


Pretty much, and if that’s the only conclusion I can come to, then I just shouldn’t be playing Poker, period.

Finally, I get AA, win with it, and get paid off and eliminate an opponent.

Watch the next hand, too, AA twice in a row, and I somehow managed to escape with my life!

Once again, I bet my aces to get called. My opponent hits a pair of Kings, Queen kicker. I eventually go all-in, but not fast enough to scare him, he pairs his kicker, and I’m toast.

Realistically, I just don’t see many people giving up KQ no matter what, it’s a hand enough people think you can call any bet with, that there’s no way I could get him to lay down, even preflop.

After the flop, he was hooked on his Kings, and wasn’t going to let them go no matter what.

Ergo, this was fated by the cards, and I could have either lost a huge pot, as I did, or lose a small(er) pot by not betting big, and just calling when I get bet into. But probably when he hits 2 Pair he shoves by the River, and I either call and lose and then curse myself for not playing Aces fast as they’re meant to be, or I fold and curse that I didn’t play the Aces fast.

I’m too bad a player to see any other ways around this.

Your bet sizes could have been bigger on all streets. Otherwise, you got your chips in in great shape and got unlucky on the river. You don’t want him to fold his KQ, you want him to pay you off. 90% of the time you win this and double up.


That’s actually why I didn’t want to bet too much too soon. Preflop, I was too early in the hand to bet 12BB like I said I was going to next time, because all I’d end up with for my troubles was 60 chips. So I still bet big, but not ridiculously, hoping to get 1-2 calls, which is exactly what I got. The whole hand went exactly how I wanted it to until the showdown.

Based on the way he bet the flop, I figured he had a King, and if I was really unlucky he might have KK and have me beat, and I was still willing to play out the hand and be right or wrong.

It’s pretty infuriating to have it happen repeatedly at the start of a tournament. I guess it’s better than at the bubble, though. At least I only wasted about 2-3 minutes in this MTT, and 7500 chips.

So, just for today, my record with AA this day has been:

4 hands: 2 Wins, 2 Losses. Not a 85% day today!

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Sometimes (especially when I was new) if I would win a big pot, especially if it was close, or a come from behind situation, I would fold the next hand no matter what, just to let my heartrate settle back down.

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I asked this a lot and this is only good responses I’ve gotten.

speaking of AA, I played 2 royal tournaments and in both I got back to back AA and not once ace came, next hand no aces in my hand and can guess what came on flop lol.

Try ramping your sizes up gradually. If you get lots of callers for 4BB, try 6BB and so on. You want to get to a point where you are consistently facing 0, 1 or 2 other players. If you can get people to call you for 15BB when you have AA then you’re gonna be doing great.

I dug out my AA hands from the last few days. Maybe something in here will help.

  1. all in preflop AA vs KK vs J5o (?!)
  2. the hand immediately after the one above. Chose to check the turn for pot control.
  3. this happens a lot because everyone else misses the flop. Happy that I can take down a nice pot because of a decent preflop raise
  4. could have checked this flop back but I figured that there were enough possible draws to get a little value by betting
  5. everyone folds preflop. Happy to get the blinds+limps.
  6. checked the turn back here too and got rewarded by being able to call a “value” bet from my opponent
  7. I folded on a scary turn facing aggression from an opponent who’s unlikely to be bluffing

Overall there was one big pot, a bunch of small-medium wins and one medium loss. No bad beats for big pots though it does of course happen. AA is the best hand preflop but on the flop it’s usually just top pair so you don’t necessarily want to get all your chips in with it at that point.


@puggywug ,

I wish Replay offer’d a 7-2 bonus variant.
I’ll play 7-2 just to win and show it…
" 7-2 " is a special case, and I expect ppl to play it more than any other std. garbage.

I think you really play’d it wrong…
On the flop you say he might have an A, or 2pr … 2 of the 3 two pairs have an A, the other is the 7-2 … You said u may have the best kicker, but then you might not… AK, AQ, AJ … is beating you … the board is suited… 1 more to a flush, which you have no protection for… and you call a med-big bet… what do you get … a 3, didn’t help the flush, but now the board is connected 4-5 already has a str8, no draw need’d … you have to fold your 1pr-med-kicker to a big bet here… but you raise(shove) and get call’d … ( and lose )

( :film_projector: scene from TopGun ) " I regret to inform you, your son is dead… cause he was stupid " … we all make mistakes, me included… been there, done that, did it last night… I lost 1m, in 1 hand, cause I didn’t correctly lay down 2pr, to trips …

Its no different having AA, when someone is betting into you, and all you have is 1 pr … at some point you have to figure your hand is no longer good… ( mistake # 46 - Not being able to just let a hand go, when ur know ur prolly beat … thus beating yourself )

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Really not a fan of the action on the flop here. You lead out, and get min-raised. If you’re going to re-raise him, choose a bigger size! Re-min-raising only inflates the pot - he’s getting a great price to call 210 chips to win a pot of 1470.

As played, after he 4-bets the flop(!?!), you might want to consider that you’re beat. You hold the ace of spades, so he’s not betting a nut flush draw. He could have 2’s (three combos), or 7’s (three combos), both of which would have you crushed. Maybe he decided to “slow play” kings (three combos) preflop, and is now trying to get the chips in with top set and no ace on the board. Best case scenario for you - aside from him playing really poorly, of course - is that he has AK and thinks his top-pair, top-kicker is ahead. However, there are only six combos of that, since you hold two of the aces and there’s a king on the board. In other words, on the flop, it’s 50% more likely that he has a set than AK. Are you really be that eager to get your chips in the middle?