Abuse and misuse of AWAY button

When the away box is activated the player goes Gray. In other words I’m not playing this hand! NOT SO! I played in a 9 hand SNG with 5 players left. BB is gray and 3rd to play has been Gray all nite. I’m first to play with a good PP and after looking at the table raise big. #2 contemplates and just before timing out folds as I expected. #3 Gray all nite the system folds. #4 SB (very slow player) eventually folds and I win right…WRONG…while SB is deciding BB unlicks AWAY reraises and I end up losing the hand. If you are GRAY when the hand is dealt you should not be able to “decide” to play.You’re out of the hand.
The second issue is timing…I recognize that people need to take a break and use the away box. I generally take my breaks after SB and do not activate until after I have folded. The system telegraphs to everyone else that a fold is coming (maybe) since that player goes Gray as soon as he activates even if he is 9th to play on a 9 hand table. He should not go gray until the play reaches him and once activated there is no turning back. You’re dead buddy.
I watched 2 players(no names) one nite and one would click and unclick, click and unclick…the other one always raised…maybe got a signal.
The box says AWAY (POST & FOLD) not Maybe fold or This is a bluff…COMMENTS (sorry to take so long) It’s a great site just a few quirks

You will need to type in either a player’s name or a hand number, then click the magnifying glass. That will take you to page you want. Good luck and Good poker!
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It seems that because this site offers the opportunity to play free and it is a very well constructed site that any constructive criticism is viewed as whining; however, being free and well constructed does not change right and wrong. Nor does the fact that it is not prohibited change whether something is right, wrong, or fair. Having played here several months I too have experience the abuse of the away button. In fact, yesterday a player finished fourth and I contribute his high finish to the abuse of the away button in multiple ways other than what is mentioned in the post above.
Like me, most people are not going to abuse the away button nor will they discontinue playing if nothing is done to curb the abuse; and I dare say most didn’t even recognize the abuse when it occurred as they were caught up in the game play.

I had an “away” abuse happen yesterday, while 6 seated, 2 were “away” for extended time leaving 4 of us to battle it out, when we eventually ended up at 2 the table was “rebalanced”, they kept there chips while 2 others were knocked out of tournament. There should be a limit on the amount of time and number of times a player can “away” during a tournament. Another incident a few weeks ago, an “away” player ended up in the final chip winners, finishing 15th or something. Should not be allowed to win if away, just should not be allowed.

You have a no shows rule for tournaments. I also have a vague reminiscence about not cashing if you haven’t played at least half of the hands of the tourney. Obviously you can still abuse the away check box, easiest way would be to untick the box when in BB to induce steals and then 3-bet.

I also had an issue when playing in the 15K MTT tournament. When we were down to the final 10 players the low player hit the away button and stayed away until it was safe to play again. Also the 8th player also did the same at the last minute when we had a 5 minute break. As they give out only 9 tickets I ended up losing because I played my hands.
The player that was in 10th place didn’t have chips placed in the pot each hand which would have made him lose if that had happened. In a real world tournament I’m sure you can’t just get up in the middle of the tournament and walk away.
They should not be able to click the away button simply to not have to play hands which may make them lose the game. They should be penalized for this action and not be awarded a prize for being too afraid of losing.
Perhaps if there is a dire need to leave then maybe there should be a button for stopping play altogether for 5 or 10 minutes while someone uses the bathroom or whatever they need to do.
To award a winning ticket or hand to someone too chicken to play is wrong and needs to be corrected.

@BobAtkinson1 The away player will have been paying blinds and antes. They are mandatory and the Dealer collects these to the main pot if a player is away. It is within the rules for any player to sit out of a “live” game if they so desire. The away player could have folded every hand to the same effect.
With regard to stopping play altogether it simply couldn’t work as it would likely extend the game beyond a reasonable timeframe. ;;;; Player A stops game for a toilet break… Player B stops it to answer the phone… Player C needs a coffee… Player D answers the door… Player E needs to put the kids to bed… and so on and on… If one table stopped all the others would have to follow suit as they would be disadvantaged by paying blinds and antes while others had a free break. With just one 5 minute break each, a 100 player tourney could have its running time extended by almost 8.5 hours.
It also has the possibility that a player may chose to keep stopping the game just to annoy others
Good Luck and Good Cards…

I agree would a time out limit work??? Yes we all do need brb but low chip holder should forfeit the chips regardless how many players left. I was away in tournament and apologised an emergency occurred forgot to log off returned and apologised to all players didn’t win tourney wasn’t that concerned