About the mute

If a mistake is made, and You get muted, it would be nice to tell all friends why you can not reply. maybe with one text/email to all friends…Should be available always…Text/email to all Friends…mistake or not. Peace and Love to All

I’m not certain, but that may already be possible, IF you had already friended–and been accepted by–another. Via a “friend to friend” PM. Someone may have a ready answer to this, but I think the PMs are a separate matter from table chat. Support may have a quick answer to this.


Yes, if you are muted you can send PM to all on your friends list. Hope this helps.

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I would like a one click to all friends

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Put “muted” by any and all reply’s would be a nice option!


Evil people who say evil things hang around with evil people who might also say bad things. The only sensible solution would be to mute all your friends and anyone you have ever spoken to. Ideally, they would track down your offline friends and relatives, and duct tape their mouths shut too, just to be on the safe side.

Another option might be to realize that poker can be an emotional game, and emotional people tend to say stuff in the moment.

Maybe they could use a canned message, such as “Muted due to TOS violation” that would show in chat whenever a muted player tried to talk. At least this way, your evil friends would know why you aren’t answering them.

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there is to much talking on this forum

i think this is an nice idea,
would recommend to add this option on the chat as well.

people get muted if they were rude, but not replying can be rude in certain circumstances as well

So they should also be muted for being rude when they don’t reply. Unless they’re already muted, then they should get double muted? Or do 2 mutes cancel each other? I’m confused now :dizzy_face:


Some with temporary duct tape, and some with permanent one, depending on the offense. Although for permanent muting I suggest cutting the vocal cords. No need to waste more duct tape.

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When I run across someone like that, I usually check their profile. Most of them don’t have any friends. Just sayin.

But you can PM up to 5 in one message

Don’t forget Newtons 4th law regarding Duct Tape and WD-40.

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I’m sorry to contradict you, but several “muted” players have lots of friends, included me. I like the bad guys, it seems. :slight_smile:

Why, you, unh, REBEL against the world!

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Jokes about Sex, Drugs and Politics can get you muted. Have Fun. Be Funny. Be Careful what you joke about.

haha, probably i wansn’t clear enough :slight_smile:

i was refering to these comments:

what i meant to say was in response to someone who recommends for people with mutes to have at least the option to say “muted” when sending someone PM’s.
so i replied and recommended to not only add this for PM’s but for chat as well.

as for these circumstances i meant when not replying might be rude: lets assume you got muted and you are playing some table, some friendly person is chatting to you things like, “hey how are you” “wow great hand, you played it really well” “how long do you play poker already?”
when these kind of things happen, i can imagine if he is not replying, it can feel like he is just being rude not to. and he won’t be aware he just couldn’t reply because he got muted.

which is why i recommend this “muted” quote as a chat option so they could at least explain why he can’t reply without actually needing to remove the mute. that way the other guy understands why he won’t respond, instead of assuming he’s just ignoring him,

hope this helps

It would be nice to see “muted” in the chat and a one click messaging to all friends would be handy.

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speaking of muting…am tired of spectators chatting away like they are on the table…if a player at the table talks too much you can mute them…spectators…not so…THAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED. Either restrict chat at the table to those at the table or put a way to mute spectators on board…

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I like spectators chatting , sometimes I am on a table where no one talks and am so bored , then a friend of mine will show up as a spectator and voila I am no longer bored.


We agree that you should be able to mute spectators, and this feature should be easier to add once we do away with Flash. I prefer chatty people myself, but you should definitely be able to make that decision for yourself! :slight_smile: