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Sorry. I thought this was the place to post My Questions. Never want to cause Problems, but there are Many Rules. Peace and Love to You and Yours fizzymint, and to All at Replay.

I just posted for the first time … and it didn’t work like I expected.
I’m a noob. The title has a “:” in it and the : #913633629 didn’t show up as a link because I removed the asterisk asterisk colon asterisk asterisk I think. Just not a HTML guy can you help?

Title is :#913633629 Royal with Cheese

It should fall in the “hand review” category not “poker strategy” so I need some editing help please.

Hi AliasAce,
Welcome to the forum.
As requested I have moved your post into the ‘Poker Strategy’ ‘Hand Review’ category.

You rock!
should I edit something to show the hand as a link, or just leave it alone.

P.S. cool hand right?

You can leave it as is.

Next time you can copy the link and past it in your message.

It is a fabulous hand , haven’t seen a full Royal on the table that often.

Table position seems to work for me!
MORE THAN TIGHT AT THE SB, BB, & EP and loosening up gradually from the MP, Cutoff, and loose as a good at the BUTTON!!! Won first game in weeks last night using that concept. Cheerz!!!