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Like you Miri, I often look at the about me section to check flags as I am totally hopeless at remembering them and I think it is courteous to ask about a player’s country if they are chatting on the table. Some of the about me stories are really witty and you can often judge whether to accept a friend request on the basis of what is written there…


I check the about me section to see if we have similar interests and clues as to what their personalities are like.
I find some of them very interesting!


In the small pic, the Irish and the Italian flags look very similar, so I always check before I say to an Irish person, “Ciao, sei italiano”, and they wonder if I am a lunatic. :slight_smile:

@grapevine, you are perfectly right, I should actually first read the profiles and then accept the friend requests. I have never done so, though, always the other way round. I am not very judgemental in any case, or not at first sight, and there is always time to delete a friendship, if it doesn’t work.
Once I read the about me section after accepting a player’s request, and I discovered that he had political ideas diametrically opposite to mine. So I wrote him that I had accepted his request, but I had honestly to warn him that I didn’t approve of his political ideas. His reply was very polite and gentleman-like, saying that it was no reason not to be friends. In fact, we had a very heartily relationship after that clarification, but we obviously never discussed politics. :slight_smile:


well said ol man .


thx whippersnapper :grin:


Mic-drop post Boss Lady. Well done.


I always take a peek at profiles of people I play against in BTS or happen to contact me, and I look for commonalities – if they’re a west coaster, like dogs, that kind of thing. I always get excited when someone has a dog as their avatar. :wink:

From a staff perspective, I’m also interested in seeing things like how long someone has been on the site. It’s good to get insight from both the oldies and the newbies.


she did reply rather nice eh lol.


anybody ever told you, your good lookin ?

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my dog can’t talk but he seems to like me :grin:




People just stare at my ass and smirk.

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I like to look at the bigger pictures on the profiles, and check to see how well stacked they are.


must be a dog no one notices me. At least I can keep my mind on the game

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