About Live Streaming Events

No, but it doesn’t have to be a live stream. If they are going to stream, they should do it in a way that shows action from all the tables, and this can’t be done live.

If I was interested in watching a tournament live, I would just open the lobby and watch it from whatever table I wanted. i would probably move from table to table, and might have more than one table open. What benefit would be gained by watching a stream of something i could just… watch?

This isn’t WSOP, but there is some good poker being played here. Free poker in general has a bad rap for being a bingo donkfest. Showcasing great hands from this site would show the world that there is good poker to be had at Replay.

Yeah, it’s fun to watch a player like Durr shove 1/4 million as a bluff, but that’s way beyond what the vast majority of real players will ever experience first hand. But a lot of people do love the game, and a lot of them, especially here in the US, are looking for a place to play poker. Free poker is accessible to everyone, show them that good games can be had for free and they will come.

If you take a close look at the streamers, you will see that they aren’t live. The top streamer is editing hands out, and only showing the hands he is involved in. Obviously, this isn’t being done live.

Who cares about live anyway? I want to see good hands, with good analysis, and don’t care if it’s live or a week old. From a learning perspective, what’s the difference?

If I was going to produce tournament content, I would start the process from the final table. Every player at the final table has a story to tell about how they got there. They probably made a few good bluffs, won a few big pots, made some good laydowns, had a sick suckout or 2. These are the stories I would tell.

The hands I selected would tell these stories. This would actually make a better show than the current “industry standard.” Following industry standards is a joke anyway. Industry standards and best practices mean you are striving to be average. No top company ever cares about these things at all.

So yeah, if they want to do tournies, they could do them better than anyone else. They could set a new standard and start hunting from the front of the pack with the strongest, fastest wolves.

Edit the hands down to the “stories” of those at the final table, show all cards, provide interesting and engaging commentary, and you will have something worth watching.

@SunPowerGuru ,

I have watched BuffaloPrime, Alec in Rome, Streamed Bust the Staff MTTs, and now ToC , done by @GoldenDonkey and I can tell you… other than the 60 sec delay, 100% these are being streamed LIVE , in RealTime.

I think SPG miss’d the point here… as I figure it happened, Golden was a Twitchster and figured 1 day, why not stream poker on replay. If nothing else it gets our name out there ( ie-replaypoker ), and its FREE for us and won’t really take up staff’s time. He ran that by Chasetheriver, and they hooked up with BuffaloPrime. BuffaloPrime’s Stream/MTT was a success, and for the most part … he grew or maintained the # of players each week.

( 100% free for Replay, and time spent was … rename 1 MTT and make 1 LB )

When BuffaloPrime ended , Alec in Rome followed but was not as successfull. I figure at this point ReplayPoker wanted thier own official presence. If Youtube is the bigger outlet, why bother with Twitch if Youtube also does streaming, but hey cover your bases I guess do both.

This to me is NOT the same product as say “Poker after Dark” was on national TV. It is 100% live streamed and YES there is a market for ppl that will just sit there and watch… ohh , just about anything from random ppl. :crazy_face:

Basically ReplayPoker is that freeroll player and didn’t buy chips, yet is trying to make millions… Because they now own the channel, its solely on them to find competent streamers even if thats rotating staff/volunteers that can donate time… and now they also must set up/maintain the 2 channels themselves … rather than like BuffaloPrime did his own. So its like 99% free now.

I usually agree with you SPG, we both thought the HTML5 conversion would take far less time… but right now thats the Sole focus of Replay. There is no 4-5 ppl on staff that can do what you propose. I don’t even think Replay can spare 1 paid person 40hrs a week, which I think might be enuff.

I really do think Replay can make a go of this , as is. I think there’s a niche for it. Implementation as always is the key. Maybee later on, after HTML5 site wide is finalized, they can have added personel to produce what SPG is talking about. I think there’s a playerbase already here who, will participate from day 1.

@SunPowerGuru ,
If you really wanna talk about what should happen , lets extrapolate out into the future. Players will defacto Skype in, in some form… @ the tables… your little pic will be your Video feed, along with audio. You will be able to select table chat and global Tournament chat, but both will be audio, not text. ( Keyboard not required ) EVERYONE will be basically streaming in, then eventually in VR-3d.

Other ppl/sites already sell Cogswell Cogs, why can’t ReplayPoker offer Spacely Sprockets ??? I think they can… :sunglasses:


I wish them the best of luck with that.

I may have missed someone making this comment already, But I feel a 1-3 min delay and a broadcaster(s) who can analyze & commentary it properly would draw in a crowd.

Another thought is having only a few tables on a voluntary basis (player would sign/agree to something saying that they want to participate in a “instant or slightly delayed” showing of hole cards and would be placed randomly at “live” tables of the many that would want to participate) showing live/delayed but having a few commentators so they could bounce around to some of the more intense action.

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