Ability to run twice

As long as your rank is based on your bankroll, it’s pretty easy to estimate how much they have just by seeing the rank. Hiding the bankroll wouldn’t change anything.

You wouldn’t have a published rank if you chose to remain private. Thought I mentioned that but maybe I missed it.

*** you could still be on leaderboards etc., just not have your bankroll or the rank based on that bankroll public.

We have discussed this, but as it relates to changing the ranking system, which is farther out. I’ll bring it to the table again to get thoughts on adding an opt-in/out option sooner than that.

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Thanks again Fizzy. Please keep us in the loop.

Rank is based on criteria relating to certain skills, not bankroll…
If you go to Vegas, noone can see your $$$ when u hit the ATM machine…
The only way they they know ur a fish, is when you rebuy instantly 3 times in a row.
Or keep donk’n off money like its water… Warlock is 100% right.

But then so does hand histories, or crutial stats about a players’s play…
Those should be private as well, if someone wants to see how I play, let them come and play me… I am even on the fence about allowing “watchers”, I guess in a MTT if you entered the MTT then sure you can watch if you go out, or watch mult tables… but those who didn’t pay to play, I’m not sure I would even allow those ppl to come in and watch… Damn sure I would list every “watcher” so @least they can’t privately stalk players, and make them mutable…This is exactly why in my thread on ranking, while you would see where ppl stand, you would never see the raw data…

As Warlock said it is a feeding frenzy, especially if the table knows, a person is “floating”… what I mean by this is… " Floating : Having 100% of your bankroll in play on a ring table "… anyone who knows this can put undue pressure on every action this player takes… its not fair to that player…or even knowing someone can’t rebuy back on to the table… same situation in my book… ur screwed.


You know I like your ideas on rankings but this has me a bit curious - even without the raw data, you’d be able to tell a ton from the screens you’d run. So, if you could screen for aggressiveness, based I guess on chips voluntarily put into pots and some other such stuff, then that information gives away a lot about your playing style relative to other players.

I 100% agree that the current ranking system is essentially meaningless. I also agree that better systems than monthly leaderboards can be devised. If we keep talking about the long-run in terms of effective strategies, the ranking systems should also be of longer durations than a month.

What I am less keen about is the concept of making player stats available to others in any context whatsoever, whether that is bankroll or frequency of 3-bets or anything else. Part of poker is getting to know your opponents. That occurs through watching them play and playing them yourself. Having a database that someone else compiles that you can just glance at without doing the real work strikes me as akin to using Cliff Notes rather than reading the dang book. Let people do their own research and homework.

All that being said, letting the players themselves access their own hand histories to analyze and learn from would be the single best tool RP could provide for players to improve their games.

Just never get tired of hearing that :slight_smile:

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