Ability to run twice

Would it be possible to add the ability the run hands twice in ring games? Simply a box that you can click, if all players in hand have it ticked the flop/turn/river run twice in all in scenarios. Thanks.

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This would be a cool option to have. I personally would love to see the option to straddle added as well.

there should be a button where if you press it you get a million chips but someone you don’t know will die

Yes, maybe straddles could be implemented in ante games, more people may be interested in them. I don’t think adding optional straddling for all ring tables would be optimal, I feel it may cause to much chaos and intimidate newer players at lower stakes.

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Agreed - might be nice to have a few trial tables to see if people would play on them though. I think it would create a bit more pre-flop activity. Not everyone’s cup of tea but it might be nice regardless. I guess you can sort of create a straddle by declaring a min-raise UTG before the hand starts but that isn’t quite the same.

All sorts of fun things could be tried out here. Running it twice to reduce variance is a cool option. Not sure how easy it would be to code or implement but don’t see why it couldn’t be.

Now we just have to figure out how to get a 7/2 bonus in there as well :slight_smile:

I don’t know you, do I dog? Just sayin…

[quote=“1Warlock, post:5, topic:6415”]
I think it would create a bit more pre-flop activity.
[/quote]Ohhhhh Warlock, lets add in… more activity preflop, with the Bingo players. :thinking:[quote=“1Warlock, post:5, topic:6415”]
Now we just have to figure out how to get a 7/2 bonus in there as well
[/quote]Would luv it, but can only be done ring, and I don’t play ring…:cry:

Sarah - both are only for ring games and yeah, bingo players don’t need more help for sure. Still, with decent players, these things can be fun. I thought you played a little of the ring as well.

Speaking of Bingo - I saw a guy shove all-in pre-flop for 2 million chips as his idea of a 3-bet. He was called and turned over AJ off suit. Thankfully he lost to AK but the play itself was so bad I had to take some Tylenol. That shove was 10% of his entire bankroll. Just sigh …

Warlock, If its between MTT times, or a TV show is on in 20 min… then yeah I’ll try here/there… BUT, since I was burned for 80% of my bankroll a month ago, I no longer risk that much ( got most of it back within 2 weeks )… so basically if I sit @ a Ring table, its to win 1 big hand then leave… even 200k will pay for alot of MTTs… but I see very little challange in Ring games…

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Just wanted to mention that we love the idea and think it would be a very cool feature. It’s not something we can prioritize at this time, but it’s on the list!

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Hey Fizzy, thanks for all the updates. Did the team happen to give any thought to hand-for-hand dealing at certain times for MTT’s? I know we throw a lot of ideas at you and appreciate all the consideration the RP team gives them.

I think I’ve spotted a Twilight Zone fan. :^)

lol. which table, which guy, is he still there??? let him play with me!! :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue::joy::joy::joy:

i have no problems playing with people that are so desperate to giving his bankroll away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you need scouting reports, just LMK. One player has lost 75% of his 200 million + chip bankroll since Saturday. Lots of huge swings this weekend it seems.

wow that’s really a lot! at least i’m not the only one making this kind of mistakes with big bankroll :slight_smile:

who was it

would never post publicly - not nice to do that in public to someone. yiazmat is one of my friends on the site so I would discuss in private message if he liked. hope you understand

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Yes! This one’s a higher priority for us, but we will likely need to make a back-end upgrade before we can begin work on it.

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Thanks! Would be a neat thing to have added and make MTT’s here more in-line with the formats run elsewhere.

This may or may not be the proper thread to post this on but I’ll give it a shot anyway: Any thought given to allowing players to make their bankrolls private? On this thread and on at least 1 other current one, having a players bankroll exposed is shown to be massively exploitable. It is information that should never be public, unless a player wants it to be and affirmatively makes it so.

I cannot stress enough what a negative I see public display of bankroll as being. It limits the games people can play and gives other players information they should not have, period. Let me give you an example of how it potentially damages Replay Poker:

Say someone comes in new and wants to play a decent ring game. He/she buys a million chips and sits at a 5K10K table or something like that. Because RP displays that players bankroll, everyone else knows he doesn’t have much behind what is on the table. You now get a feeding frenzy, with multiple players pressuring the single player because they know his overall lack of bankroll depth. It will not be a matter of whether that player has the skills to play at that level but instead about that player being treated as the short stack and pressured by the rest of the field. That is a massive disadvantage. The smart player who does not feel like spending a ton of time building a huge bankroll will simply avoid playing those games again.

Let me be clear - no one should ever have any idea how deep another player is aside from what he has on the table. It has created a structural flaw in RP that I see as the #1 biggest obstacle to player retention, chip sales and caliber of games. RP has created a system that discourages players from trying higher stakes games rather than encouraging them. If I could have any 1 suggestion implemented here, this would be it. Let players post their bankrolls and be ranked by them IF they choose to be. Let everyone else keep their information private and just play at whatever stakes they can afford to,

IMO, you will get more play at higher stakes if people don’t feel like they have to show 20x the buy-in just not to be overtly targeted as a short stack. That means more people playing the higher stakes rings and MTT’s and SnG’s. This addresses another concern people have expressed about the site, depth of fields and availability of games at higher stakes. If someone feels comfortable playing a few higher stakes rings or MTT’s or whatever because they don’t feel “exposed” in terms of lack of overall bankroll depth, then it stands to reason that more people will in fact play them.

I cannot see any possible downside to this idea and would place a large wager on the table that if implemented, RP would see nearly immediate benefits from it, on both the business and player sides. No one loses anything they value since they can opt-in. All you do is free up a lot of people to play more and spend more and do so without feeling limited by their overall bankrolls. If someone has 1 million chips and wants to sit at a 1 million buy-in MTT, that should be totally acceptable to everyone. That player could afford the entry and that is all the information other players should have about him.

make it so you can type any number for your bank roll so people think you have 1,000,000,000,000 chips when you have 2500