A very enjoyable hand

i had J4o
sometimes it’s good to have a large SB range
i think i played this right. should i have repped a bluff?

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You DID bluff by merely calling (sandbagging). You got your whole stack in by the end, how much better could you have done?

You gotta love when people give you all their chips for minimal effort. All you had to do was let them keep betting, which you did. I doubt that a check-raise would have worked here, but it might have had the same result. I think when you know someone at the table is behind and they’re still betting, you should let them. Players are more likely to be aggressive, so letting them open and continue in a situation like this is the way to go.

Nice pot !

Well, it’s good if you’re results oriented, but even if you’re getting good equity to complete your SB, you should be folding J4o with like 15 BB’s, it really is a garbage hand.

Flop : good check, you’re going to check your whole range almost here FTS. Guy bets pot : it’s almost sure he has 22-TT (TT he should be raising pre-flop but JJ+ he’s going to I guess…), or two big overcards if he’s a donk.

So the way to go is just to check/call, trying to represent two overcards yourself like KQ, KJ, QJ, AT, etc… You shouldn’t be check-shoving as on this board there are basically no bluffs possible, so if he has two overcards for example, you could make him fold.
Turn he’s likely going to bet again if it’s not a scare-card for him like a J/Q/K/A. At that moment you’ll be all-in anyway, you have got a pretty small stack.
Turn : check-shove/call again here, so you played this well ! Kind of a setup, which makes it easier for the one who has the nuts !

As far as your question goes for repping a bluff, well no, you shouldn’t be doing that. On these boards bluffs aren’t just possible, no flush/straight draws, etc… This is such a dry board, where you’ve got nothing or a boat. Also, when you’ve got the nuts it’s just a matter of trying to rep weaker hands that are not made yet, and try to value carefully. Here you didn’t really need to, but often it will get checked around flop, and you’ll have to hope someone hits a full-house turn (you’ll have to check again turn).

Hope this helps, where did you finish ?

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That’s not the right definition of bluffing. He wasn’t betting here and trying to represent a big hand while having nothing, in order to make his opponent fold. He wasn’t really sandbagging neither due to the fact he was the SB. If he had checked on the flop last to speak for example, that would have been sandbagging IMO. But I see what you mean, argh these definitions, let’s forget it :sweat_smile:

7th as i recall. Only the top 5 gets the ticket. i was running out of chips and looking for a place to double up. i finally chose AJs to push with, but had the poor luck to catch 2 callers, with AA and KK. one of them hit, and i didn’t get my flush, so i finish just outside the bubble. way it goes.
i was really happy with the results. Since i was first to bet the flop, i was just wondering if i might have lured someone else in, had i made them think i was being opportunistic.
i’ve been wondering what he thought i had. It had to be 22-99, with me calling with a boat. I have slow played big pairs from the SB, looking for someone to be betting into me, and i assume others do to. had i been V, i might opt to keep the pot small.

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here is my enjoyable hand. KQ spades, flopped nut flush, improved to best possible hand can ever be made on turn!