A True Ranking System

For consideration.

A separate tab on the main page takes the user to the “Pro Lobby”. The Pro Lobby is for players who want a more competitive experience and a performance based ranking system. Entrance to this area would require an upgrade to membership and it would be the only place rankings could be earned. Fees could be nominal($5 per month, $50 per year?)
Ring games could be incorporated into this area but I am only going to address a ranking system for Texas Holdem Tourneys.
There are three levels… Silver, Gold & Platinum. There is no entry fee for the Tourneys, and no chip winnings. It is strictly a ranking and serious poker area.
Every paying member would begin at the Silver Level. On the last day of each month there would be no tourneys and rankings would be posted. A minimum of 4 tourneys is required to receive a ranking. Any player who ranks in the top 33% for 2 consecutive months is automatically promoted to the Gold level. The same criteria applies at the Gold Level to be promoted to the Platinum level. The bottom 33% for 2 consecutive months at the Gold & Platinum levels will be demoted 1 level. Players who don’t qualify for a ranking are ranked last for promotion & demotion purposes.
As you can see, these are special rooms for players who want to play against similar skilled players and be ranked exclusively by their performance at the table. There are no winnings, no leader-board prizes, no gimmicks. You would be simply be playing competitive poker in an environment where the vastly inferior and superior players would be assigned to a different level.
Outside this Pro area everything can continue as is.

Now, as to the rankings.
They are specific to each level of course. There is no carryover. Reaching the Gold or Platinum level would be a true indication of poker skill.
The ranking system would be simple. No need for complex formulas.
You would receive 1 point for each player you finish ahead of in each tourney, divided by the number of tourneys entered…Total Points/Events Played = Score. Highest score is ranked #1. Second highest score is #2, etc…
If 2 or more players bust on the same hand, the player(s) starting the hand with more play chips would receive the higher place, then by lottery. If 2 or more players have the exact score at the end of the month, ties are broken first by most number of tourneys played, then by most number of hands, then by lottery.
Hands would be dealt simultaneously.
The number and times of tourneys could be added or subtracted as needed.
Everyone starts even. The cream eventually rises to the top. Anyone can opt in or opt out at any time. Replay makes a little money for providing the service. The rest of the site stays as is for anyone who doesn’t wanna play the Pro section.
What’s not to like?
Fire away.

PS, I am not opposed to incentives and rewards as long as they are outside the new ranking system and don’t give ranking advantages. For example, if Replay chose to waive the Pro section access fee for certain people, or if they chose to award Replay Chips to high ranked Pro players. In these instances the Pro ranking system would still be valid, and not undermined by anything outside one’s performance at the tables as determined by finishing position.

PSS, Oh! And no late entry.

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So far as I’m aware, ranking in RPP is determined solely by bankroll.

This correlates indirectly to skill. But due to the fact that players can acquire chips through means other than skill, it’s not a clear relationship.

I would therefore suggest a different ranking system, where chips earned are counted, but bonus chips are not.

Chips won in hands are not always a perfect indicator of skill, either, of course, but at least it will filter out the purely no-skill chips gained through purchase, or through the daily login bonus.

Bonuses based on skilled play, such as for ranking high on the weekly tournament leader boards can still be counted towards a players rank. But pure giveaway bonuses would not.

I’m pretty sure that the records keeping on the site is detailed enough to allow the new ranking system to be calculated retroactively, but there may be a limit to how far back the records go. If so, then maybe it is better to start the rankings at a “zero day” that’s as far back as possible, or just whatever day the new system goes live.

I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with ranking…it is a play money game. The cure is to this is to keep a players bank and ranking their own business …or at least give them the optiom to show it or not and to whom (friends only or just any old busybody. I mean especially a players bankroll,that should be private…but most things aren’t here. Everyone knows just about everything a player has or does here…including when we play and when we leave…don’t like that much either.I prefer what I do and when I do it to be my business alone.


@puggywug this is a recurring subject which has already been discussed so many times on the forums and kind of exhausted.

If you like, try to run a search for this topic here in the forums and check out all the previous threads where it has been discussed. It will give you an idea about where everyone stands and what suggestions have been given before, pros and cons etc…

@NicUrChips it’s a play money site, but people can take it as seriously as they want to. And just because it’s a play money site doesn’t mean that improvements aren’t worth doing.

I think having the information public is useful, for a number of reasons. The main one being, I can use it to gauge the strength of an opponent that i haven’t faced before. It’s not anywhere near perfect for this purpose, but it’s better than nothing.

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Take it as serious as you want.All i’m saying and asking is for a bit of privack as to how many chips I have and as to when I log in and when I log off,nobodys business but mine and Replays.