A spoof ! ! ! The comparisons of an Eclipse and online poker sites

Always considered a Sign Of Doom & Gloom In Ancient Peoples’ Beliefs…:first_quarter_moon:
An Eclipse has always been A Bad Omen, Throughout the history of lunar eclipses They have been held to be responsible for lost battles and a ton of bad beats as well as many other tragic events on Earth. Mostly poker chips through internet sites now…:
Eclipses can be a terrifying event for those who do not understand the basic reasoning behind this occurrence. Kinda like computer generated shufflers on poker sites…:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:
The darkening of the sun or moon was believed to be the work of dark forces in the universe that were always present. ( Hand after hand… Pot after pot I tell ya… ) To lessen their fears, they made up stories to explain an eclipse. It’s impossible to lose that many hands in a row to flushes & straights ! ! ! :rage:
In Chinese myth, a dragon was trying to eat the moon. The Chinese word for eclipse, “shih,” means “to eat.” To frighten away the dragon, people shouted and beat drums…:drum:
Also in China, Emperor Zhong Kang is said to have beheaded two astronomers who failed to correctly predict an eclipse 4000 years ago…That was a long time ago in history Replay… Don’t get any Ideas…
Through incantations, herbs,Human and animal sacrifices. Whatever it took, the King and his religious court would fight the forces of darkness. Then, when the eclipse passed and the sun or moon returned to its rightful place, the King and his church’s prestige and power grew among the people… So far, this seems to be the only missing part… Replay…:sunglasses:


(Good thing you clarified this as a spoof! I’d have been sucked right in!)

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