A random query about the origins of this site

To whom it may concern,

I have been wondering, if this site has its roots with a (small, now defunct) site called “The Free Poker Room”?

I used to play there a decade or so ago, before I stopped all poker play, until about a year ago, when I joined this one.

It was a small, fun community – and had eerie similarities to this one.


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Here you go. From Paul aka Mr. Replay.

Thanks for your interest in the history of the site.

  1. The domain was bought in January 2005, and the website went live later that year. There were three Swedish founders originally, an investor, a developer and an entrepreneur.

  2. The original company was located in Sweden. In 2008 I bought out two of the original founders and teamed up with the remaining founder. We then created a UK company and transferred all the IP across. In 2010 I bought out the remaining founder and became the sole remaining owner of the company.

  3. Replay Poker is indeed the original name for the site, and the company name was Replay Gaming RG AB, before becoming Replay Gaming Ltd.

  4. We track internally how many registered players visit.

  5. Currently we don’t drop a player for inactivity, although we do place limit how far back we’ll contact someone who we haven’t seen recently on the site. In the future we might consider deleting inactive accounts and freeing up the usernames.

  6. Back in 2005 Replay Poker partnered with Carlsberg in Sweden to create a white-label poker website for their beer brand called Falcon beer. It was promoted heavily online and across the largest TV channels in Sweden during a 2 month campaign. It’s thanks to this campaign that Replay Poker really got off the ground, as after the campaign finished, the players were redirected to the Replay Poker website.

It’s quite possible that some of those original players are still playing today,


Hi finnyll,
Replay poker does not have its roots in TFPR, but many of the players on Replay used to play there.
One of the things that have grown, largely thanks to flashlight, who you may remember, is the Team Play Poker which dominated on TFPR and has become very popular here, thanks to people like Lyle, Sharon and all in the Donks leagues.
If you are interested, take a look at the Team Play Poker site in the Leagues topic and you will find many people you know there!

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Thanks for the info.

Yea, the team poker play was the biggest clue for me. I can’t remember flashlight, but I am pretty sure I remember you from TFPR times – or someone with the same handle anyways. :wink:

They already recruited me into one of the leagues, so I guess in time I’ll see “old faces” pop up. Maybe already have, but, um, my memory is good, but short. :slight_smile:


Thanks Craig.

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Yes was me, once seen never forgotten :stuck_out_tongue:


You got that right girl.

How sweet.