A quick morning strike

I wake up early for work and decide to get a quick couple of hands in. I find a 4-seat ring table at 2k/4k, and sit in for 500k.

My ring tables have been very kind to me lately. Almost always I’m given a hot seat as soon as I sit down. This morning is no exception, other than maybe exceptionally hot.

Opening hand, I am dealt Q9o and limp UTG/CO into a 4-way pot, flop JQJ. I check the flop, wary of Jacks, but no one bets. Turn card is an 8, which is good enough for me to bet with top pair/gutshot, I put in half-pot and fold the table. +23k.

Next hand, I get pocket JJ, and the table limps around to me again in the BB. I open to 5BB, and the Button calls for 20k, the rest of the table folds, and we’re heads up for the flop. Flop is 473-rainbow, which is just about the perfect flop for JJ and also 65, if someone’s playing 65s here. I lead out for a 50k open into 47k, feeling pretty good about my hand as long as I’m not up against 65, a set, or QQ+. Button shoves all-in, 136.4k on top of 50k. I consider what to do only very briefly, of course there’s no choice but to call here, and if they have me, they have me, but I’ve already put in 70k, and what’s another 110k on top of that to see a showdown for a large pot with a hand like Jacks? It’s 110 to win a pot of 235, good enough pot odds for me. They flip up TT, board runs out 6, 2, nearly completing a board straight on the 7-high flop, but in the end I have taken a 320k pot and stacked the shortest player at the table.


I could be just getting warmed up, but I do have to get ready for work, and I did just want to play a few hands, and I’m not so greedy that I want to see how long I can ride this wave of fortune. I go to stand, but before I can do so, I’m dealt one more hand: ATo. I limp, catch nothing, but it checks through all the way to the river, and I end up with high card Ace over 87s and T7o, and win another 12k pot.

Easy come, easy go, they say. And so I go.