A or B

i saw this forum game in another site, but i suppose it’s fun here too :slight_smile:

this is how it works:
person 1 mentions 2 different things. (i can be about anything you want)
person 2 mentions which of the 2 he/she likes most and write 2 new things for the next person.

here is mine:
A: playing small pairs
B: playing suited connectors

have fun every1


B: playing suited connectors

A: French Fries
B: French Kiss

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B: French Kiss

A: Warm and wonderful
B: Wet and passionate

A . Warm and Wonderful

A. Firelight and music
B. Kittens and cuddles

gonna guess A

A: gaming
B: movies

B: Movies

A:Money :moneybag:
B: Love :heart:

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A: Money

A: Love it
B: never enough

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