A Note on Notes

I see they rolled out notes today, which is great. Here’s a tip…

Always include a date with your player notes. There’s nothing worse than having a note saying, “calling station fishie n00b, easy money,” only to find it was taken a year ago and the person has become a shark since then.


I try to take notes on a player’s tendencies/weaknesses. For example, I note if they make an incredibly stupid call or if they raise every hand. It’s good to highlight a player’s weakness in three categories: being a calling station, being too tight, or being too aggro. I’d say 95% of players fall into the calling station category. 4% are too aggro, and 1% are too tight.

I’ve mostly stopped taking notes because almost everybody makes the same mistakes. I only use notes for very high ranking players that I see often, and those notes are not very helpful if they don’t have obvious weaknesses.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Perhaps we can show, at least on the website, the last edited timestamp. Not quite as good as marking when a note was made, as you might make notes several times over a long period, but I’m guessing that could be useful all the same? If you think so, let me know and we’ll roll it out. It would be nice to roll out some sort of versioning system for notes, so you could roll back and see exactly what changes you made and when. Perhaps one to consider for the long term!

I also think having a color (and/or a number) you could assign to a player as well as a note, would help players like JoeDirk who have a simple system, where they want to categorise players into a few buckets. Also let me know if you think that’s a good idea too.


Very good advice, although I chose to do it and NOT tell anybody - lol…

I need to be able to EDIT my comments - I read them after I hit the stinkin’ enter button way too often… :>))

Eh, it’s easy enough to just add the date as part of the note.

If you can effectively buy ranks by buying chips, it really dilutes the value of a ranking system.

Personally, I won’t bother keeping book on players on a free site… it’s just not worth the effort. I do take a peek at their rank, but get most of my information by watching them play.

Back when playing on real money sites was legal(ish) here in the USA, I used to run a program called PokerTracker, which compiled a database of every hand and every player I encountered. This was a valuable tool, and would also analyze their play (and mine), then rank the player in each of several categories.

This was a great way to spot and correct leaks in my game, and was also useful as a “fish finder” to help me select the best tables on which to play.

There’s no one “optimal strategy” in tournament poker. You really have to be able to vary your style and tendencies to suit the table, blind structure, and stage of the tournament.

The new notes on players is very good the only thing wronge with your site is the chat box is to small, players who are friends and like to chat to each other keep missing the chat as it goes away to fast with the dealers chat.

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Given a choice between the new “Notes” box and the old “Stats” box, if we can’t have both, I’d prefer the “Stats” box. The stats helped me keep an eye on my own game better and I’m really not interested in any of the opponents’ tendencies. There are so many players that only a few times have I actually been at a table with a previous opponent whom I remembered how he played. If I don’t remember playing against them, then they didn’t make a big enough impression on me, pro or con, to worry about taking notes on their play. If I do remember them, well then I don’t need the notes. It’s not anything I’m upset about or going to loose sleep over, I’m just saying for me, personally, I’d rather have the “Stats” box. Thanks.