A little help here please

On F/B replay post comp’s etc. The latest one has me a little confused, and I’d like clarification

The delt hand was J J 8 4 8
The 3 hands were:

A had A 4
B had 5 5
C had A2

Question was who won. A B C OR D both A&C
Now my way of thinking is, A had 2 pair, 4’s and J’s, B had a pair of 5’s which gives 2 pair, 5’s and J’s
C had nothing, so why did A & C share the win.

In holdem the best possible 5 card hand using all the community(face up) cards and your hole(dealt to you) count. In holdem you can use every card you see. The community cards of JJ848 shows 2 pairs so everybody has at least JJ88. Now the fifth card comes into play. A & C both had an ace which means their best hands were JJ88ACE while B was JJ885.

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Thanks Mate, explained well.

Best 5-card hand from any combination of hole and board cards.

Both A and C have: JJ 88 A kicker.

The paired 5’s and paired 4’s are irrelevant, as is the question of the 5, 4, or 2 kicker.