A highly improbable run-out

Wee hours, at a half-empty 4-seat ring table.
We both limp; I’m on the button with J4o. V flops a baby straight 3-7 with 53o. Crazy. I made bottom pair. Naturally, I won the hand. Even crazier.

V checked it to me on the flop, I bet pot, hoping they missed and will just fold again, but they call.

Turn is another 4, improving me to trips. Ha ha, there’s no way I can lose now! I think to myself. V checks to me, and I bet again, this time increasing it to 3000. Very daring. Well, I would go bigger, but I don’t want him to fold here, do I? V again just calls.

What’s the worst card in the deck for V, you ask? You might say a Jack, because a J probably wouldn’t mean much to them on this board, and they might think they still have the nuts while I would have made a boat here. I guess another 6 or 7 to make the board full house would suck a lot for a flopped straight, too, since it would mean at best they’re chopping, and possibly losing to a few random 6 or 7 hands. But the next worst card for them would have to be the last 4 in the deck, which is what the river card is. I now have made quads. Hooray.

This time, V opts to lead into me for 5k with their straight, still unimproved from the flop. I have bet two streets so far, so I probably have something, a pair, would make a full house with 3 fours on the board, and he’s beat. Why is he betting here? No one’s folding a full house, much less quads on this board. He’s only getting called by hands that can beat the straight he flopped.

So what do I do? I want value for my quads. I figure he has a 6 or 7 and thus a full house, and now I’m going to get some chips here. I raise his 5000 bet to 16000, hoping that he’ll go all-in with 777s or 666s full of 44s or even just 444XX if he’s got pocket-somethings.

He thinks about it for a long time, and eventually does call, unable to lay down his counterfeited flopped straight. What a sick runout for V.


This culminated an hour long session at a 4-seat ring table where I was basically running in God mode, hitting everything, making all kinds of hands, and generally good any time I hit for middle pair or better (a lot of the time improving to two pair+ by showdown, and being good.)

I’ve watched a lot of players run similarly well when I’ve sat at their table, but it almost never happens to me.

Nice runout! How do you know he had 53 offsuit?

At the showdown.

Oh ok when I looked at the hand it said he mucked so I couldn’t see it.

I guess it only shows the hole cards to the users who were involved in the hand? I’m not sure how Replay is handling this now.

That is correct. Only players actually in the hand can see the hole cards.