I am ‘new’ to site but not Game - I have been accused of being a Diva from a popular on site player - who then proceeded to delete me as a friend.
Because I called his bluff and raise the stakes - he insults, accuses and assumes.
Even after me giving him credit as a writer and poet. Really dude?
Bad form for someone who calls themselves a nice guy, promotes themselves and insists on stardom like status on the system.
Hardly a warm welcome now…is it? Thinking the sun glasses are fogging up the view.



That guy sounds like a real cad, he should be publicly flogged. Then again, maybe he didn’t want to raise the stakes?

Hope to see you at the tables, good luck!


Is that an admission that you were bluffing in the first place? Rhetorical.
She never would have raised unless she knew he would end the bluff…why call a bluff, let the other person know you know they are bluffing until they either fold or admit they bluffed. Mission accomplished wouldn’t you say.
She is a purring kitten when stroked in the right way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe ending the bluff was the bluff all along.

I’m almost glad that I’m allergic to cats. :slight_smile:

Peace, out.

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Honey is irresistible to bears, but I’m quite sure the bees never insisted on this, and it’s not why bees make honey.

Dear SPG - serious for a ‘sec’.
The gift you gave me - I can never repay and will probably never forgive you for either. However, I am thankful, grateful and respectful for it.
Finding the target and pushing the arrow deeper into a spot already speared by someone else and guarded has resulted in a knowing and acceptance of what was being denied and protected…you released it, the pain in doing that will be everlasting. So all jokes aside…you are a Master of the written word and have a power very few people have…I can only stand back and congratulate. :slight_smile: as she crumples back into the permanent tears life she has always led.

Sadly what started as a bit of fun…turned very fast into a brutal onslaught of the emotional kind, for a troll who knows more than he lets on…going down that road on purpose was…well, let us just say, you went toooooo far. Thanks for the short, bittersweet ride. You ensured I would leave replay poker…nicely played Sun God. Your table is now free of the veggie demon.

Post Script : I don’t bluff but sometimes I think I have a losing hand when it turns out to be a winning one when I stop and breathe for while - the result of the deep, deep breath is below.

As a fully qualified Adult Trainer - yeah not just some crazy nut job trying the save the world. I’m Accredited to teach ADULTS. YAY me…sucks to be me.
What also sucks to me is that I happen to like a ‘tad’ some dude in Hollywood…really sucks to be me.

Anyways, the guy dude ‘inspired’… me to write a poem. See at end of post said poem.
After ‘The Haunting’ poem, it made me ask the question - what is ghosting?
I have heard it used a lot in recent times, in order to find out it’s current usage I looked it up…as ya do.

the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.
“I thought ghosting was a horrible dating habit reserved for casual flings” · “a victim of ghosting herself, Dani also admitted that she will ghost guys she’s been dating”.

I roared with laughter…PFFFT.

Oh if it were that easy…Hollywood dude would have been gone before he started.
Poor Dani - a casual fling, oh honeybee, you got off easy.

Let’s talk about my ghost…imprinted at birth, tattooed at birth, spoke to me as a child, showed up in dreams and visions growing up…coincidences in birthdays, events. He was a haunting but he was a warm cosy blanket, throughout the dark days…a remembered smile in a dream. A stare that was breathtaking. A beautiful nightmare. A ghost.

Then one day…a face of the ghost. The haunting increases…curiosity…interest.
Then…the day, random events leading up to a meeting eye to eye. In a single brief moment the ghost is REAL…and you are swept off your feet, spinning in a world only the both of you know about. A beautiful dream

Then…GONE. Never left but gone all the same.
When you go find him and get closer to him…the snap in the air, the crackle, gets louder the closer you get to him…you FEEL it.
His silence is torture…but the very thought of loving him brings you joy, laughter, peace, tranquility, childhood, passion…strength, a power unlike any other.
So he hasn’t withdrawn communication because if he had all I would feel would be pain…I feel it but the joy and need to dance is far more powerful. I THINK THEY CALL THAT LOVE. <3 (‘God friended’ him alright…made him a GHOST)
The Haunting
A stain on the soul
a tattoo at birth
Endless reminders……
Dreams in the night
a vision so clear
of crystal skies
and a love so dear
A ship lost at sea
in search of a place
where dreams come true
when I see your face.

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Is this a love story?
Does it have a tragic ending?

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My story in particular or just the SPG banter going on between us?
My story is a work in progress…:stuck_out_tongue:

As this seems to be a personal discussion not really suitable for the forum, I am now closing this thread.