A cry baby? Yes! I deserve to be!

Texas Holdem is not as popular in South Africa than in the USA or Europe, and I thank Replay for providing the few of us who has a passion for the game the platform to play!

I hate complaining about the feeling you get when you feel Cheated/Robbed/Hard-done-by… As whats gonna be done about it right???
However, Im beginning to spend a significant amount of time playing, practicing, killing time - But Honestly - Its become many hours wasted!

Ive read and researched everything regarding this topic… the RNG … “Legends” giving their patronising comments here etc… and still funny enough I continue to log in!!

Quite a few colleagues of mine are all users of this site, we play together regularly, and we all have noticed on many occasions the irregularities that occur… Besides the usual complaints ive been reading here… There is one thing that drew me to write here… I can only fold winning hands!!

For example…10/10 times a 4,5 offsuit will lose at showdown, we experimented this with a real deck of cards too, drawing a flop, turn and river - 10 times losing!

Maybe im very angry just because in this past month Ive lost over 2 million, and whatever excuse support provides or another player provides me with never satisfies my suspicions with this site!
Any true Poker Player will notice these bugs—>> Just some hands to review below

We all have what we play and what we dont… for me … I would consistently fold crap hands period! And Maybe replay knows this, are not, but who cares right???

So ive decided to deactivate my account, because as far as I go back in comments, I see complaining, no solutions. Ive supported this site, made generous donations,- its just not worth the effort… no matter how much I love poker… FYI, this crap does not occur in any other site

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