A birage of ideas

Heres couple of ideas that I have been cooking up: 1) A million dollar tourney 2) A Tourney of champions: say like take toplist players and have an end of the week 250k tourney worth mad points… 3) I would love to donate osme chips to a tourney named: The Flemingo,

  1. a Horse tourney: with royal, limit, no limit and perhaps one other…perhaps 5) side bets- prop bets, like in the chat box i could bet another player so many chips that they ownt make top 3 and so forth 6) Music! Like on Grand theft Auto where you can change the radio station! This would be so awsesome…cuz i keep missing hands cuz im switching back and forth to you tube to get songs. And id be happy to make playlists. Yes I m availabe to hire for a vey low price! Yes Perhaps 7) Blackjack competetions! 8) Freeroll shootouts! Bountys! Rebuys! All that good stuff! 9) I saved the Best for last last) Poker Coach feature- Fr Ex: Say you wanted to improve yr game, than you could choose frm a a few diff people to coach ya, ideally ya could have them see your whole cards and give ya advice on the spot, perhaps a private chatbox, but also you could just have the coach review some of there hands and give them advice on wat they are doing well or wrong.

p.S) Perhaps a news letter, a daily article devoted to strategic theories, perhaps articles discussing a specific hand, of which id be happy to write…not that i am a good player or anything, but i do enjoy to write…as ya can see…perhaps.

To be continued

  1. it was the first two freeroll, if you ask Puni or Happi, Im sure they set up one . 3) planned I think thets came up b4 and posible. 5) planned side bets was came up b4 , ( make poker online more realistic) 6) like it! but exist.

http://support.replaypoker.com/replaypoker/topics/music-hqp0b 8) planned all in some form 9) Thank you, please vote http://support.replaypoker.com/replaypoker/topics/a_teaching_room_may_new_group p.S) This will get updated and worked on, actualy better!!! :slight_smile:

  1. If necessary, I’ll give which chips for the tournament named… eg Flamingo dance