A 7-2 bounty room

A 7-2 (Also known as Seven Deuce in Texas Hold’em) is a hand composed of a 7 and a 2 of different suits. It is the WORST possible starting in Hold’em, as it is composed of two low cards that are unsuited, and the chances of making a straight are slim to none (and slim’s on vacation). Anybody should fold this hand right away unless you are playing with some fun rules. An example of that would be a bounty, where if somebody WINS a pot with seven-deuce, everybody at the table has to pay the winner a certain amount.

This has actually been seen played on High Stakes Poker, and Phil Hellmuth forced Mike Matusow fold a pair of kings with an aggressive bet. After he showed to everybody, he won a pot with seven-deuce, they payed him his bounty. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viAbXmPRu_M

Antonio Esfandiari claims that this is great for the game, because when somebody makes a big raise, you don’t know if they have aces or seven-deuce.

Cant find this game online… :frowning: would be nice in here first :wink:

Yes Ithink this would b cool and bring in akot of thinking an stategy, Also have a tournament with 1 random person picked by Replay or the PC as a BOUNTY or HEAD HUNTER to be knocked out and whom ever does this will get added chips in the acct after tourn for example 10k in lower tour and 25k in a higher buy in… This may keep more people actually playing poker not bingo and trying to figure out who u need to knock out,

I like the idea.

the bounty can be paid by RP, that would make easy to do the software for it. like the pot double up for winner with of suited 72. :slight_smile:

I ageee!!! So if I bust u with 7-2 and u fold u owe me X amount of xhips… U will have a button to transfer to that person?

hm. don’t have and I don’t think RP want that at all. What I mean my comment is; If you build up the pot, you win more.(as this 72 game getting harder with bigger pot/end of the river) Paid by RP is much easier then took playchips from players bank.And more fun in this way.

marci, I think retarded is being facetious (schertsend).

I do like the sound of this. I think we need to set ourselves apart by offering variations of the game which just aren’t available anywhere else on the web.

Lets rock! uhum … lets do some real serious bluff! Thank you Paul!

Please vote! Where those big bluffers now?

bluffers??? Its my fav. hand :slight_smile: So great idea

I absolutely love this idea!

I think we should add an option of placing side bets, like playing the 72 game.

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