90 seat SNGs

I would like to see a couple of 90 seat SNG’s with a 1000 chip buy in. would anyone else.like to play in this type game?

We have now MT SnGs 12 and 18 seats, it is no problem to add SnGs with more seats if players are interested.

Perhaps 27 seats (starting with 3 tables of 9) or 36 seats (6 tables of 6) or…?

As always feedback from interested players is welcome!

Greetings Happiness.

yes I would love it !!!

A larger SnG has been suggested to me to run at a certain time on a certain day each week. The idea being that registration would open at a certain time and the SnG would start as soon as enough players joined. If we did it that way and publicised then I could see a larger SnG working - could be fun! :sunny:

this would help but I can’t help but believe that once players find these are a regular part of replay more would play these instead of waiting for a tournament. I played more sit and go’s on Full Tilt and Pokerstars because of this. I hated waiting for a tourney. I no longer play there because the gambling laws in Alabama. and the free game here is way better than thiers

Replay Poker has added a couple of larger SnGs MT!


SnG MT, 45 seats, buy-in 500 chips.
SnG MT, 27 seats, buy-in 1000 chips.
SnG MT 4-Max, 12 seats, buy-in 50K chips.


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