9-Seat SNG victory with some interesting hands [LONG]

Won this crazy 9-seater, a bunch of strange hands went down in this one. I won a number of hands betting 2s at the end.

Starting hand is here; I start out with AJo, raise up 5BB, get 2 callers, flop is 533, one player bets big and takes it from me: https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/459587023

The winner of that hand, @TwoEqualsOne, would end up heads-up with me at the end.

I flopped 2 pair here, JJ44, re-raised a bet on the flop and got called, and then forced the hand closed on the Turn with a pot-sized bet to protect my second pair, putting me into the early lead.


I noticed this game that there were a bunch of hands where I would have hit a Straight if I’d played, but the cards weren’t cards I could have played.

J2o; T79 would have given me 4, and an 8 on the river to fill it. But what’s really weird about this hand is the call made by the losing player, patsc holding QTo bet 67 chips on the Turn when an Ace hits the board, gets raised 555 by TwoEqualsOne, holding A6o, he calls, and then calls another even bigger bet on the river, all-in, and is beaten AA over TT. I do not get these calls at all:

Now TwoEqualsOne has the big stack, 5450, I’m #2 with 3745, everyone else is behind us at starting stacks or worse. He hits a full house with pocket 7s, 7s trips on the flop, full of 6s on the Turn, and knocks out @twomill holding QQ, and is suddenly dominating the table with 8800 chips.


I’m still #2 with 3700 chips. @DANNO1, already low on chips and the low stack with just 1200, extends his life, limping JJ, finding a set on the Turn, betting and taking the hand down, but not great value here winning just 360 chips.


I raise KTo UTG, flop TA5, bet the pot, one caller, check the turn, bet half pot the river, and fortunately get a lay-down to win 640 chips.


AKo in the BB, I buy the blinds, 120 chips to me.


TwoEqualsOne makes a mistake with pocket Queens, getting beat by DANNO1’s AK:


DANNO1’s back to health after this hand, moving up to #3, 1000 chips behind me and 3200 behind TwoEqualsOne.

I get A8o in late position and limp in, pair the Ace on the flop, 5A5, I bet lightly and get two callers, the SB and BB. Bet lightly again on the Turn, my two callers shove. I muck. xylephlem holding AK would have beaten me, is knocked down to 930 chips when GAM1ST holding 45o shows he’s got trip 5’s. Good laydown for me, I get to keep 3500 chips to stay #2.


I miss a potential flush, folding Tc3c, flopping KcQcJc. DANNO1 shows AhTd for a Broadway straight, I’m pretty sure I could have knocked him out if I’d played suited junk this hand. Only an AcXc could have beaten me this hand.


I limp A8s, the flop hits my Ace, QA7, I bet the pot, DANNO1 calls. Turn Jd, I bet half the pot, DANNO1 calls, River another 7, I end up with 2 pair AA77Q, and DANNO1 shows A6o, also good for AA77Q, our kickers are too weak to matter with the higher cards on the board, and we chop, and now he’s a little ahead of of even with me.

@Motley13 flops a Straight, 6-10 and knocks out xyleploem, who shoves betting his top pair:


I miss an opportunity, folding J5s, the Turn and River are the red Jacks. Motley13 pulls ahead of me in this hand, now I’m #4 at the table. He doesn’t show, but it’s reasonable to surmise he must have also had a J, and probably a better kicker than mine, or maybe a boat, so maybe instead of a missed opportunity, I avoid destruction here:


KQo in the Cutoff, I raise 2BB. Flop KA6, the BB bets 100, TwoEqualsOne raises 200, I call, BB calls. Turn, same thing, BB bets 100, this time TWoEqualsOne raises 555, I fold, BB calls, and ends up with the better Ace, A7 over A2, and I’m glad I folded my KKAQ8, but now I’m down to 5th place out of 6 players still at the table.


TwoEqualsOne has 5455, GAM1ST has 4500, Motley13 has 3690, DANNO1 has 3390, I have 3114, and thumbs is the small stack with 2350. So it’s a pretty evenly balanced table at this point. I’m feeling kinda bad at this point.

Another missed opportunity here. I am dealt 93s, and fold because that’s junk. Flop pairs my 3, Turn would have given me trip treys. I’m hungry for chips, and it’s messing with my judgment, so when I see the 3x3s I feel like I’m owed something by the world, annoyed at myself that I have the good sense to not play junk from the 2nd lowest stack.


Now in the BB, I get A5o, and with 2 callers I decide to try to buy the blinds by raising, but it doesn’t work as Motley13 and thumbs both call. At the flop JK2, thumbs folds to no pressure, I bet the pot, hoping it’ll work, and Motley13 folds, bluff good enough for 930 chips. I don’t show.


I decide to limp the SB, J4o, when everyone folds but the BB, and flop top pair, and take it to the river winning another 1500 chips. I make a pot-sized bet at the river, fearing that DANNO1 might have a better Jack, and hoping that he’ll fold to a big bet. I still don’t know what he had, but he did fold to the big bet and I got to take the chips in. Now I’m up to 4450 chips and that’s good for #2 at the table.


I fold a couple hands and see better cards shown, and feel good.

Then I get 99, and raise them, get two callers, flop is A5Q, I try a feeler bet and am raised all-in by GAM1ST, TwoEqualsOne calls, and I get off the hand. They both hold AKo, and chop the pot:


Although I lose some chips here, I’m glad it wasn’t more.

The next hand, I get AJs, raise, and get two callers. Flop is 7AQ, I bet 2/3 pot, no one calls me and I take the hand, getting back some chips:


I sit out of a straight, folding 95o, flop is Q8J, Turn T, River 9 giving everyone a straight, and DANNO1 and GAM1ST chop it.


I get 22 in late position, decide to limp it and set mine, but Motley13 shoves right after me, so I give up.


I make a bad play with A3 in the SB, getting beat by thumbs on the button with A9:


At this point I’m thinking I’m about done for, now in 6th place with 1930 chips. I knew it was a bad play, and I played it anyway hoping I’d get lucky, and am kicking myself.

I fold K6o, and the flop would have given me two pair KK66. I really could have used that hand, but I convinced myself not to play junk after losing with A3. Of course, this board is solid hearts, and my hand held none, so again maybe I avoided getting destroyed by a flush over two pair. But we don’t see the Turn or River, for all I know I could have filled out. And we don’t see what cards TwoEqualsOne took the hand with, and he doesn’t tell. So… who knows.


I’m about beside myself at this point.

Two hands later, I am in the BB and get A6s. I go for broke and shove them, and buy the blinds. This stops the bleeding for now. I don’t show.


I get the worst cards for the next few hands, 72, 82, etc.

GAM1ST takes a bad beating, losing KKKJ9 to TwoEqualsOne 444KK:


TwoEqualsOne retakes a dominant position at the table, with about 8800 chips, Motley13 3535, DANNO1 3449, thumbs with 2780, me with 1970, and GAM1ST dropped to 6th place with 1891 chips.

I get A5s, raise it up to 600, DANNO1 calls, everyone else folds. Flop is very dry, 379 rainbow, so I shove and DANNO1 has to muck it. My suited ace didn’t hit any part of that rainbow, so it’s just pure Aggression that carries me in this hand. But it puts me up to 2950 chips, putting me back up in 3rd place, and feeling a little safer than a moment ago when I was desperate enough to shove A5s.


My best worst hand of the game, I get 75o in the BB, limp in and hit a great flop, 785. Thumbs tries to buy the pot at the flop with Q4, and I call, he tries again with a smaller bet on the Turn, a 9, and I shove back my two pair. Even though there’s a possible straight here if he’s holding a 6, I would rather lose the hand and get eliminated here than fold it and have to try to recover yet again at this stage. He calls, drawing to an inside straight that doesn’t come, and I knock him out and jump up to 5240 chips and 2nd place.


Next hand, I get AQo, raise up 4BB and steal the blinds. Suddenly I’m just 2000 cihps behind TwoEqualsOne, healthy and happy.


I limp Q5s, flop pairs the 5, I bet at it with one to beat and take it:


Pocket 5s, I raise, TwoEqualsOne in the BB calls, flop is 648, I bet, BB calls, Turn is a 3 and I have an OESD, so bet again, BB calls again, river is a Jack. TwoEqualsOne is holding 43 for two pair to beat my pocket 5s, taking 4700 chips and leaving me with 4500, good for 2nd, but now he’s dominating the table again with 11000 chips. I’m miffed at this, because my pre-flop raise with 55 should have got him to fold 43, and again the bet on the flop should have, and I ask him how he was able to call me, and he says “I was sort of confident”. So, OK, now I know he’s willing to play junk and I take note.

I get A8o in the SB and raise it, BB is the only caller, the flop is 595, with one to beat I c-bet and take it, bringing back 1350 chips and improving my stack to 4925, still dominated by TwoEqualsOne with 11000, but comfortably in front of the three smaller stacks still at the table.


Motley13 shoves against DANNO1, taking another big chunk of his stack away. Now DANNO1 and GAM1ST are short stacked with 1200 chips, Motley and I are about even at 4200 and 4900 chips, and TwoEqualsOne has 11000.


A hand I regret not playing:

Holding Q7diamonds, I fold and watch the flop 9d8d5s. Turn Qc.


The next hand I am dealt Q9diamonds, and of course decide to play. Again the flop brings 2 diamonds, 4d8c3d. The Turn, 5d gives me a Q-high flush, and not wanting to risk a lone A or K diamonds to have a chance at filling with a 4th diamond on the board, I bet pot and take in 2100 chips, bringing me up to over 6000.


53o in the BB, I limp and fold on the flop. Then in the SB, I have J6o, flop is A6A, DANNO1 has most of his chips in already, I decide 2pr AA66J may be good here, and bet, he folds, leaving behind just 760 chips, and I improve to 6400.


DANNO1 survives an all-in against Motley13; winning TT55J over 9955J. I had folded J3, and would have won this hand with JJ55T. But I’m not crazy about my chances in a 3-way pot holding J3o:


I fold J9o, and miss a straight, and another all-in situation that goes poorly for Motley13, who is beat by GAM1ST with AQ over T6, for AA over TT. Had I played, I would have had Straight, 7-J.


I start thinking about the earlier straight that I didn’t get because I couldn’t play, and start thinking about how to play for straights.

T5o in the BB, flop T5Q. I take the pot and 1360 chips come back to me, and I’m up to 7100 chips. TwoEqualsOne is still in the lead, but has bled down to 8725 chips, GAM1ST has 3rd place with 5000, and DANNO1 is the small stack with 1558.


I take another pot from DANNO1 with middle pair, playing 69o in the SB. By now I’ve recognized that DANNO1 is a weak/passive player in this game, and is likely to fold, so I don’t think too much about betting 9s with a King on the board. Now I’m up to 7700.


Next hand, I get AA. I raise up, DANNO1 shoves holding A9o. The other two get out of the way, and the flop is QA7, giving me a set of Aces, and DANNO1 a pair of Aces. Turn is 9s, giving him two pair, and the river is another Q, giving me Aces full of Queens, to knock DANNO1’s AAQQ9 out of the game. Now I’m at 9200 chips and in 1st place.


TwoEqualsOne takes a pot from me. I have Q7s in the BB, flop is 846, I need a 6 for a Straight, TwoEqualsOne min-bets flop, turn, and river, and I chase to the river, where I finally give up, and he’s back in the lead, 9925 to 8058.

There are three of us left at this point, and we’re all winning some chips. TwoEqualsOne proposes we chop, but it’s an empty gesture since that’s not a feature in RPP. There’s no choice but to continue.

I fold A2s, and see the flop K35, Turn 4 for a wheel straight, and think again of missing straights, and watch chips go to GAM1ST.


I lose another hand to TwoEqualsOne, A3 beat by A9, on a 564 flop where no 2 would come. Now I’m down to 6000 chips, GAM1St has 5637, TwoEqualsOne has 10745.


Limping Kd2h in the SB, I have to lay down at the flop, 7h7dTd, and 1700 chips go to GAM1ST and now I’m the short stack at this 3-hand table. One more diamond and I would have continued the hand, but the board is just all-red.


Finally, I get a good break. I get T9o in the BB, flop 567 rainbow, Turn card is an 8h, and I’ve hit a straight. TwoEqualsOne has hit two pair, 8866, and I go all-in and double up through him. Now I have 10436 chips, GAM1ST has 7757, and TwoEqualsOne just 4307.


A couple hands later, I get KQo, flop 6J9, Turn T and I have another straight! I’m going to knock TwoEqualsOne out of this game! River is an 8! The showdown, TwoEqualsOne reveals… KQo. We chop.


I get AKo in BB, no one plays.


TwoEqualsOne decides to play 46 in the SB, and takes a hand from me, I have an ISD, and needed a 9 for a 6-T straight. TwoEqualsOne is now back over me.


Suddenly I get a streak of hot cards.

KJo, flop T5Q. Turn 8, no straight yet. River Ace gives me Broadway. I take a big pot away from GAM1ST, leaving him with under 2000 chips, and now I’m back slightly ahead of TwoEqualsOne.


Q9o, flops JAK, another Broadway draw, but I’m not counting on a T to make my hand, I just bet and take the pot.


QJo in BB. No one plays.


TT to knock out GAM1St:


I’m the big stack 13:8 over TwoEqualsOne.

I play A2 on the button, flop pairs my 2, I min bet and am called, Turn pairs my Ace, he min bets, I raise the pot and am called. River is a King. TwoEqualsOne min-bets, I just call. He has A4, and I take most of his chips away, but don’t get him all-in. The River is a King, and I’m fearing AK could have reversed my fortunes on the hand, so I don’t put more in, but I have to pay him off with the pot this bigg, and luckily I’m still good and take it.


It’s all but over now. I have 20000 chips to his 2387, and it’s a foregone conclusion. So I think.

A4s in BB, he mucks. https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/459596424
K2s on the Button, I limp, flop is 4AQ, Turn is 9, nobody’s betting so I decide to bet, he mucks. https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/459596463
87s in the BB, flop A66, Turn 5 gives me OESD, I bet, he mucks. https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/459596537

TwoEqualsOne is down to his last BB. I can’t get him: 8866 over 88T


I’ll get him this hand. K9o, I flop 73K, I’m good right? No, he has KQ, and rivers a club Flush.


QQ. I have you now! Flop 985. Turn 2. River… 7. TwoEqualsOne has Straight 5-9 with 76 in his pocket.


Now he’s back up to 5656 chips. I’m still comfortably over him with 16844, but this is starting to get worrysome.

Here’s a funny hand. I am 32 in the BB, limp. Flop hits 24Q, but I’m too risk averse after losing the last 3 hands to try bettingthe pair of 2s. Turn T, River another Q. He still doesn’t bet anything, so I try for it, and he folds.


  1. Flop 6Q5. Turn 2, River T. He goes all in, and beats my 77 with pocket 9s.


This is starting to get away from me, and there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s just the cards.

63o in BB. Not really great, he limps, I limp. Flop 866. I’m good, I think! Turn 9, River Q. I get him all-in again, and… he has 62. Our kickers are so low that the Q and 9 on the board make our kickers irrelevant and we chop.

Now it’s 12000-9000, and we’re almost even. What a nightmare!

I hit bottom pair on this flop and fold to his bet:


J8o in the SB, I don’t have the courage to play it, and muck.

73o in the BB. Great. Flop A78. check-check. Turn another Ace. I bet. He mucks.

Q9s in the SB, Flop 2J6, he bets, I fold.


JTs. Flop 8J4, Bet pot, take it. He says “You are tough to beat.”


KQo. Flop KTQ. Turn 7. I bet small, trying to show weakness. I get 5000 chips back by the river, but he’s still left with 7000.


24o. Flop pairs the 2. Check-check the flop. Turn a 6, I min-bet, take it.


This is the second hand I’ve won by betting a paired 2. I’ll go on to take a number of hands with very weak hands.

52o, I fold. https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/459597482
A5o, flop JT6, he bets the flop, I fold. https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/459597518

I fold garbage for the next few hands, then wake up with AJs. Flop A92 for a 4-card flush draw, and top pair. I bet and take the hand on the flop.


Somehow, he still has 7000 chips.

J9o, flop 565, I try betting, he calls, we check to the river, he has 7A for a better kicker to the pair of 5s on the board, and wins the hand.


Fold garbage again, then get AJs again, raise, he doesn’t play.


Fold garbage again. I’m alternating junk like 23, 35 and quality hands like AQ.

Limp Q2 in BB, flop 299, I bet the 2, he folds, I take it, and go back to folding garbage.


73o in BB, flop 93A, bet the 3’s, he folds, I take it.


AQo, in SB, I raise, he calls, flop 4Q3, I bet, he folds, I show, I take it.


T7o in BB, I limp, then fold on the flop.


J9s in SB, I limp, acting first I min-bet the flop, which comes up a dry 476 but aggression is key at this point, and putting pressure on the short stack and bullying is a key tactic at this point.

93s in the BB. I limp. Flop 9T6, I call a bet from TwoEqualsOne, we both check to the river, I win with the pair of 9s. With four diamonds on the board I’m afraid to put any more chips in. He’s trying to be aggressive too, bluffing with the early action to see if I’ll fold, but with just a pair and the bigger stack I’m able to call.


Next hand, I fold J3o. My range is very open, and I’ll limp anything in the BB, but I’m not that open in the SB.

Next, I get KQo in the BB, but he doesn’t play. I’ve drained his stack down to 3200, and he’s trying to play tight so he doesn’t throw away more chips on marginal cards, but I can use that to my advantage by putting pressure on him and forcing him to fold anything but very good cards.

I fold the next hand. Then I limp J2o from the BB, flop 525, I’m not confident in this hand, but pressure and stack size theory has me put 1000 in. He calls. We check to the river, he shows A2, and takes it by benefit of his kicker. Back up to 7400 chips. We’ll have to do this all over again…


KQo, in SB, I finally flop a monster. Q7K, and he’s betting into me. I take him all in, and he shows AK, well that wasn’t a bad play then. The river brought another Q, and I’ve got Queens full of Kings, he just has KKQQA, and I’ve finally won.

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WOW…You must have a lot of time on your hands to virtually write pages of posts!

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Yes, it probably took me about 5 hours to run through the entire replay of the game and write up commentary on it. Pretty ridiculous, and I won’t be making a habit of it. But that’s insomnia for ya.