77 under two pair on the board to ruin my hand

Earlier, I had knocked 2 players out of this final table with KK over AA, after I hit a set of Kings and filled out with a pair of 5s on the board.


Then, I lose most of my chips betting that KJ can knock out one of the small stacks, who manages to land a boat, 8s full of 3s, double up through me, and become a threat again. I’m still healthy, but now they’re just under 2000 chips behind me.


Well, here I go out on tonight’s The Cut Off in fourth place, typical beat for me.

My final hand, I’m dealt 77, and shove my 3rd place stack, hoping to take the blinds, and am called by AK. AK hits nothing. The board gives use two pair, and both of them are higher than me; the A kicker outkicks my 7, and I’m dead. Should have doubled up here, setting me up for a run at the top 2, and am instead eliminated. No doubt it was a good call for AK, with a stack advantage of 4:1 over mine, but boy does this one smart. I don’t regret the shove, but I do want to punch the dealer.


Nothing you can do about that one. Poker is a game in which lucky things happen to bad people.

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Accurate. But I’m in no way saying that this was a garbage call by my opponent. Just one of the more novel ways I’ve been beat in this situation.

The real victim here is the player that folded an 82 or Q3 :slight_smile: