7 cards stud hi lo

is really cool. Introducing Razz would be great.
Razz is similar to seven-card stud, except the lowest hand wins. Seven cards are dealt to each player, but only the five best cards (generally the five lowest unpaired cards) are used in forming a complete hand.[2]

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An important information point about Razz–there is NO requirement to meet a “qualifier” (there is NO HIGH in Razz). In 7-Stud Hi-Low, the “qualifier” is an 8-low or better. Because of the qualifier, bluffing a low is dangerous, as there might not be a low that qualifies. In Razz, without a qualifier, bluffing is not only possible, it’s very practical. It’s usually a fast paced game for gamblers.


i really hate Razz on principal, but I have had some success with it in real money tournies. It would be great if they would add it. I hate it, and would play it.

Add Razz and they could run real HORSE tournies.

Omaha - or Omaha hi/lo
Razz - 7 card stud lowball
Stud - 7 card stud
Eights - 7 card stud hi/lo (eight or less to qualify low)


yes mixed would be great