7-card stud showdown ranking

Here’s a hand that I just spectated, which was incorrectly shown down.

Dealer credited Marc978 with a straight, 5-9. they actually have two pair 9988-7-5-4, not a straight.

In the same hand, TheWarden held a full house, 55544, and was not awarded the pot.

Seems like these tables should be running as beta and not for real chips until they can properly show down.

I knew something looked odd about this hand but I wasn’t sure since I haven’t played much of Stud before. I just sent in a report to staff about this issue.

Thanks @puggywug!



Thanks for the report. The issue that occurred here is that a community card was dealt when all players were able to receive a seventh card. That shouldn’t have happened, and is what prompted the error. We’ve credited the player with his pot, and should have a fix in soon.


OMG, i want it cash-game highroll… WHEN ?

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Just tried to join 7-card stud on sit-go but that no-go sign shows, what gives?

Where you find the 7stud tables. Or how to open one yourself

Thank you for letting us know, support have been informed.

Hi Dirk - welcome to the forum.

There is a technical issue with the tables at the moment, but they are currently ring tables and to be found via the lobby under the game types filter

The 7-card stud games are now running normally

still not fixed

This is normal game behavior. There were only four cards left in the deck. If enough players are in for the final street that all players cannot receive a seventh card, a community card is dealt instead. All players use this for their seventh card. If you’d like to know more details, please check our Help Center article.

@fizzymint, looking at the screen shot provided by @wildpokerdude, I don’t see how ElectricalAli could possibly have Two Pair, Kings and Eights, with the hand they have visible: XxXx3d2d6sThAs where are they getting two Kings and two Eights from the two hidden cards they have left? And why does wildpokerdude not have AA77, which is a better Two Pair hand?

The dealer chat is from the prior hand. You can view the replay here: https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/662485839

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In live play in a casino, cardroom, club, or home game when/if the dealer senses the deck is getting short of cards due to too many players still being in the hand, he or she will likely count the remaining cards before dealing the last (sometimes, even the next to last) cards. That gives all the remaining active players a visual cue to be aware of the possibility of common board card(s). Since RP doesn’t have live dealers, we don’t get to see that, so it can come as a surprise.

Because of the current novelty of 7-stud at RP and the fixed betting structure, many more players are staying in to the end from a lack of experience. Everyone is expecting the massive all-in bet that cannot come due to the structure. The novelty effect will wear off in time as players begin to adjust to the different format and alter their starting requirements.

In real, live play amongst experienced players, the final card being dealt “in common” is very rare. I think I’ve only seen it happen a handful of times playing since the 1960s. Once players figure out what “good starting cards” are, and playing accordingly, the problem will go away all by itself.

Also, notice that in live play, there can be no “burn” cards (as in Hold’em-type games) if there are more than six seats at the table (7 X 7 = 49, and 5 dealing round burns would need 54 cards and there are only 52 in the deck). Since we play with eight seats, there’s a presumption that many players will fold immediately when they see a garbage starting hand.

Limit poker is a very different beast than No Limit. It took me nearly a year to get used to No Limit after playing Limit for 50 years. This is the way most poker games have been played since the days of the riverboats. Don’t be deceived by the fixed bets being smaller; there are a lot of them.

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