7 card stud Hi/Lo

So I’ve been playing 7 card stud Hi/Lo and it’s showing me how many points and chips I won at the end of my game. Why the points ? I haven’t found a leaderboard.

Appreciate any response
Thank you.

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I’ve wondered the same thing. I would love to see stud & h/l every 2 hours instead of every 4


I agree, won 2 of the tourneys last week. Would have loved the points

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It says we are getting them but where they are going I have no idea.

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That i have wonder too!

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No answers yet ?

Hi y’all,

Tournament points are calculated for all games automatically by our system whether they have been attached to a leaderboard or not. Most notably you’ll see this on some games like the new 7 Card Stud Tournaments and 3 max SnGs which don’t have a leaderboard. We understand this can be a bit confusing and plan to update this in the future. For now though, the best way to be sure is to check your Tournament Lobby. Anytime a tournament is contributing towards a leaderboard it will be listed in the Tournament Lobby under Promotions.


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Hi Patrick. I check the leaderboards every day after I’m finished playing 7 card stud Hi/Lo 6 max and nothing yet. There is not even a leaderboard for all the points. Looking forward to that happening. Thank you for answering my question.

Stay safe !