7 Card Stud Hi Carneval 2022 Desaster

Alles wunderbar bei Replay, alles toll, denn es läuft die Replay Team Championship 2022.
Alles funktioniert, alles läuft, denn das ist ein wichtiges "Prestige Objekt!!

Auf den “billigen” Plätzen:
Seit 2-3 Tagen scheint es aber niemanden zu stören, dass die 7Card Hi Carneval praktisch stillsteht.
Die Rangliste wird seit gefühlten Ewigkeiten nicht aktualisiert. Das gilt für den kompletten Samstag den 04.06.2022 und ist auch heute am 05.06.2022 nicht anders.
Darf man fragen warum? Weil Wochenende ist?

Oheim 777


Everything is wonderful at Replay, everything is great because the Replay Team Championship 2022 is underway.
Everything works, everything runs, because this is an important "prestige object!!

In the “cheap” places:
For the past 2-3 days, however, nobody seems to have bothered that the 7Card Hi Carneval has practically come to a standstill.
The ranking list hasn’t been updated for what feels like forever. This applies to the entire Saturday, June 4th, 2022 and is no different today on June 5th, 2022.
May I ask why? Because it’s the weekend?


Ty Johan for translation.
I played on Friday on Stud Carnival. A software-update came. After this the Leaderboards was death. Many players wrote this to chat.
I wrote then a message to team because this, other players too, a thread on Forum started.
On Saturday was then the most players away. They do not know do they win chips or not without points on the leaderboard. I’m sure I played on Saturday enough to be on Top 30, I think there was no 30 players. But I got no message and no chips today.
Today is Stud Carnival death, no one plays.
On a Saturday on wintergames was the same, the tables for the SNG’s was not to find. On forum was then to read ‘No team and support on weekend’.
I was on 4 days No. 1, best of all on Stud Carnival, but on end only best on not fair games.
I saw last week 3 Updates, all made problems, the last was then a Desaster.
Not good.


I have not seen one 7 card stud carnival game. Are they located in something besides ring games?

The info and Leaderboard is here:

The Tables are the dayli tables on lobby, 7 Card Stud, Low Stake and are Fixed Limit 25/50 + 50/100


Absolute shambles! I had several emails back and forward with “Support” who promised that this that and the other was being done. Here we are on Monday 6th June and NOTHING has been done.

It was the weekend. Relax, they will get to it.

But, the Carnival was from May 30 - June 5 so, their complaints seem to be legit.

I like 7 Stud ( I don’t know about HI ) but I wasn’t even aware of it.

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Big problems on weekend, but I must say: Mo. - Fr. was very nice there. Friends and new Friends, nice chat.
My Result:
3 new Friends on my list, 25 Endorsements, 800K chips won.
I had enough points to win, but didn’t leave.
I heard part 2, Hi/Lo, is planned for end of August, but is not sure.


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Hi, I have to agree the 7 Card Stud Carnival was well below expectations.

  • Ring game point Leaderboards stopped collecting data early on Friday and we were unable to fix the problem until yesterday. Tournament point LB were unaffected.
  • As a consequence, fewer people played the 7 Stud on Saturday and no hands at all were played on Sunday.
  • The LB standings for Saturday were calculated and paid out yesterday.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this Leaderboard failure caused to 7 Card Stud followers. We try to mix in all the games and there will be more opportunity later in the year.

All of our promotions are detailed in the promotions section of the site,



Day 5, Friday, on Leaderboard is not OK. I have there 930 points. But I had this 930 points 10 hours before end of day. And I played this 10 hours most or all the time. No points for this time. I think I had reached 1800 points or higher. No problem, I was No. 1 and got my won chips. Luck.

But other peoples played in this 10 hours too. Enough to be on Top 30 and to win chips. But they got no points, and won nothing.

On the days 1-4 the daily number of players was 20-30 higher, these players are on day 5 not on leaderboard.

And not all players read here in Forum.

I had planned to play on Sunday too. I won on the days 1-6 ca. 130K chips/day. I’m sure I was good enough to be on day 7 on Top 30 too. But no players there, no playing and I won nothing. I waited long time for playing.

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