7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo

I welcomed the addition of these 2 games a couple of years ago, but I was just wondering why the lowest stakes are 25/50 + 3 for the bring-in.

Is it not possible to have a table(s) for stakes of 10/20 +1 for the bring-in?

I know several players who would definitely be interested in this, because of a lower bank-roll. It would also encourage more people to participate, especially if they were new to this variant of poker and wanted to practice/learn it at much lower stakes.

I mean we have Stud tables for 100/200 +10. Can’t we just divide this by 10 and have 10/20 +1?

I mention this because apart from the recent Stud Hi/Lo Carnival, the Stud tables are invariably completely empty.

If there is a reason why this is not viable then I’d be intrigued to know.

Best wishes!

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The SNG tables for 7 card are always full. Try that for a small amount of chips. A lot of different buy ins.

Thanks Craig. I was referring to Ring Games though for instant-playing, although I did take a look at the SNG buy-ins. Apart from the Hold-em SNGs, SNGs seem to take ages to fill up and it’s not the format that all of us want to play.

I think my idea would generate more “new to Stud” players who just want to sit down and play immediately in a Ring game at the lowest possible stake. I think a lot more people would start to play Stud at this lower stake until they felt they had become more comfortable with the game. Similar to how when Omaha Hi-lo was introduced, some “new to O8” players were hesitant at first, but because there were tables for 2/4 and 5/10 blinds it snowballed into being hugely popular here as more and more players became acquainted with a new variation. Obviously there can be no 2/4 and 5/10 tables in Stud because of the bring-in, but I don’t see we can’t have my idea of 10/20 +1.

Thanks again though pointing out the Stud SNGs, I’ll take a further look into that for sure.
I understand you are very knowledgeable at Stud and Stud Hi/lo (R.I.P. Alan25main), so maybe I’ll join a few and learn something to my advantage, unless you play at the 500k SNG tables, in which case we may never meet! :joy:

Cheers Craig!

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Ok my friend. I can’t speak for ring games because I don’t play them, just MTTs and SNGs.
I hope someone from staff can stop by and address this issue.


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