6M milestone

Tonight I went over 6M chips! I did it with a 2nd place finish in tonight’s The Cut Off MTT.

I played this tournament very, very well. I never felt like my back was against the wall, nor did I ever feel like I was ever in big trouble. Early on I won a few hands, and grew my stack little by little, with hands where I had little doubt that I was ahead. I didn’t take any truly huge losses, a small to moderate sized loss once or twice, but never anything that put me off and forced me to regroup.

I was up at the top of the leaderboard for a time in the middle of the game, and then went trough a stretch of hands where I didn’t feel I had cards good enough to play, so my stack stayed about the same while other players moved up, and by the time the final table came together, I was the #5 stack at the table.

My stack was the smallest of the big, and there were four other players who were just hanging on. Or, actually I think #9 might have been eliminated just as the table came together. I think somehow we had an empty seat from the first hand of the final table. Anyway, I played this final table about as well as anyone could, knocking out two opponents in one hand when I flopped a set of 8s, which I played to perfection, and with just enough luck to help me out.


At that point I took the table lead and felt like this was my table to lose. So then I did. Lol. Heads-up, against @Mr_Jim, he started shoving at me preflop every other hand, stealing my BB naturally, and so I was pretty eager to knock him down, when I happened to pick the exact wrong time, betting on two pair AA44 when he had just filled a flush. I didn’t draw to a boat, and that was that. Still, a very enjoyable game and final table for me.

Final hand: https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/485753184