6 Online Poker Etiquette Tips - Etiquette in Online Poker

Greetings Replay Family,

I thought attempting to keep Etiquette to the forefront and as often as possible might help stem some of the backlash towards the new and / or beginning players here at RePlay. I’ve seen, especially here in some of the posts . . This unkindly behavior towards other new players is simple astounding to me. It’s also my hope that the very same players that are getting both barrels from the serial complainers about their play on the tables, will also read this topic and the following posts. I’m sure all of us want those players to know it is not something the rest of us find acceptable or tolerate when we see it. Our new players are the very lifeblood of the future for RePlay and all it’s players…

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Which is why I believe there is such a thing as newbie luck , new players may bring friends and also buy chips which is good for business and for players who get to play for free . I have nothing against the newbies and try to make them feel welcome , but do think they are somehow given an advantage.


Excellent post. I totally agree with the first 5 and try to always practice them in my play. I have some disagreement with number 6. At times slow play in a key position to influence the play of you opponent is just good poker. The objest is still to win.

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I also think that number 5 is very true in open games but not so much in MTT play.

Yes…a lot of conduct I do not like…but it is incumbent on me to not be distracted or irritated…and that stuff is etiquette not TDA rules, big difference.

While some of the “Tips” are consistent with general poker rules, like 1 player to a hand, the article itself comes off as a spoof of itself. An etiquette article that recommends people “not act like assholes” can only be taken so seriously. Then there’s the never slow-roll a player, unless you really don’t like him or he’s acting like a D-Bag and then its “pretty much mandatory”.

I have read everything on this Forum since I got here late last year and far from being astoundingly unkind to new players, I see mostly helpful and polite comments. Maybe there is a hidden thread that I haven’t seen? Perhaps the OP can point out some of this over the top backlash against new players because I just haven’t seen it.

Added: Just not a big fan of creating straw-men. This post is an overarching accusation without a single specific example. Might as well post something about being shocked at the amount of puppies being tortured right in front of our eyes here … and then post “a helpful and educational” video telling others how not to become a puppy-abusers themselves.


Trying to regulate morality at tables, thru rules , is usually a excercise in futility…
— We are the Borg , resistance is futile !! — (startrek quote,applicable here) = boolian (true)
“The Borg” = any player that will use the rules in thier favor, to the detriment of thier fellow players… for good or evil reasons…

More players will leave due to resistance to things like “the thought police” , “big brother” , or believing they have no rights whatsoever … so go ahead, regulate morality, but when it takes soo many rules and regs that players no longer have any rights to free thought/actions … the playerbase will just leave.


Greetings Seville and Replay Family,

My interpretation and understanding is a little different Seville. What you are referring to with #6, I don’t believe is the point. as I understand it. Quite similar to an internet game where someone would normally check fold with nothing, they will allow the clock to run out completely and let it fold the hand itself or check into the next card. Then approaching the bubble in
MTT 's slowing the game down in hopes of someone else busting out and you move up a notch. Clowning around on a game like that can be pretty funny and clever as well I guess, but it’s at your tablemates expense as well as all the unnecessary aggravation you’re causing …:sunglasses:
I do the same as you Seville, I’ll do whatever’s necessary to collect me some little acorns from all over Replay’s forest of acorn trees,
Thanks Seville,

I guess we can agree to disagree and always in an agreeable manner. I have never considered poker a race against a clock, and since about half of all the tourneys here have an 8 second timer, I do not consider a timer of 20 seconds to be long. Players who might be bothered by those extra few seconds have many other options. I would never consider entering a tournament with and 8 second timer and then complaining about the rapid speed. I do play in some of them and generally will time out a few hands during play. Mostly I play the long timer as that is my preference. I would prefer to have a little more table talk during the game, but don’t really have the time to do it. Anyway, I agree that all of us who play here should be nice to each other.

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Greetings Seville,
Now I want to disagree that we are disagreeing :dizzy_face: Is that right ?
The only burr I’ve had under my saddle in recent memory is when other players pick on or bully a new or weaker player. That makes my blood boil. Especially on the internet. You’re not able to come across a table at someone and break em of that nasty little defect of character…
I consider these wonderful players an asset to the business and industry as well as my game and wallet. Whenever they started getting under someone’s skin on the table.These “Lucky” players will start chasing down hands & drawing out with some impossible one and two outers on the river, sometimes back to back. Then when these same “Lucky” players have a difficult time making fast or timely decisions or bets. Most of the “On Tilt” crowd go right over the cliff… The reads most generally don’t get any easier than this during this long emotional breakdown, often referred to as simmering… :sunglasses:

RailBird, I don’t need to go see those 6 examples… I have posted in other topics on being discourtious,… but there are very simmilar things that, are miles apart … for example :

Waste’n the clock : there are appropriate uses and inappropriate uses as I see it … @ bubble time, sure its almost expected as someone is always “bubbly boy” or the next in line… plus since Replay doesn’t have “hand 4 hand” like it should, ppl take it on thierselves to help try and make that bubble, you can’t say that thats being “discourtious”… but in level 1 or 2, when someone is just doing it every time they act( and they have not yet hit a big hand are still even with the rest of the table ), then yes it is being “discourtious” cause its making the whole table lagggg behind other tables and slowing down play and is very disruptive to ALOT of players.

What I’m saying is there are times when certain actions are done for evil and some for good, proving which was used in a certain situation can be impossible, therefore trying to regulate morality, to its logical conclusion, will only cause the playerbase to go elsewhere.

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That is pretty much exactly what I was trying to say about the strategy of slow playing a hand in certain situations. Sassy did a much better job.

I agree - therefore I never play against a player witha rating above 900,000

Is there a ‘Queensbury’ set of rules for poker like boxing has one that goes back centuries. Didn’t stop Tyson biting Holyfields ear half off.

Wild west America death by poker was probably in the top 5 reasons