500 + R games

I was looking at a Bounty game with 500 entry and rebuys. At the time there were 88 players and 8th place paid 1061 chips. My question is if I did one rebuy would I then have to finish 8th to break even ( or up 61 chips)?

This is a bounty - rebuy tournament.

The buy-in is 500 chips, 180 chips of it is the bounty and 270 chips go into the prize pot and 50 chips is the fee.

When you rebuy only tournament chips you pay 270 chips again, when you have left 0 chips you must rebuy tournament chips and your bounty (in total 450 chips)

When you end up in the prizes you win the shown amount, but for every player you’ve bust out you also get 180 chips. So it can be much more.

Thank you-- I have never understood this game regarding the rebuys, pot amounts and especially the bounty part.

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