5 MILLION CHIP CONTEST: Guess the time of Replay Poker's One Billionth hand!

We’re about to hit a HUGE milestone here at Replay Poker – our one billionth hand! To celebrate, we’re holding one of our biggest forum contests yet:

:moneybag: :moneybag: Guess the time you think Hand ID 1000000000 will occur, and win 5 MILLION chips! :moneybag: :moneybag:

You only have one week to get your guesses in, so don’t procrastinate!


  1. The deadline for making your guess is 10am ET on Tuesday, May 9th.
  2. Include the day and time, to the minute. Guesses will be counted as US Eastern Time.
  3. The first player who guesses closest to the minute will be the winner (under or over).
  4. You may make multiple guesses, but only your most recent post will count!

Don’t forget – you can influence the time this milestone happens by, well, playing more hands! :grin:

There’s plenty more in store for our Billionth Hand celebration, and the giveaways are big enough to match. :eyes: We’ll have more news very soon. Thanks for helping us reach this incredible number!


Is there a way to know how many hands have been played up to today ?


June 8th 1012am

May 29th 6:15 pm

Hi, we mean Hand ID 1 Billion (1,000,000,000) I know we have not had a hand ID for all the preceding hands dealt. I think Replay may have started out at hand 1 million, or something like that.


Thanks Rob !

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May 26th 11:11 am

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May 28 6:47 am

May 29 7.15am

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May 29th 7:14 am EST

May 18th 12:31 PM

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May 27th, 11:11 p.m. PCT

May 24, 2023 4:52 a.m ET.

5/10 @ 5:10 PM

June 6, 2023 at 6:01 AM EST

May 21 at 11:21 ET.

@SharonSmarty Its not very complicated but it requires a little work…

you can search hands from the top search, minimum of 3 digits… the lowest hand i can find is 001# but the hand wont load and REPLAY… Hands older than 9 or or 10 years wont load and REPLAY…

Using a current hand just played Hand #991045746 minus off of 1B hands = 8 954 254 hands away from end goal 1B hands…

there is different ways to calculate number of hands played for a period of time… I would start with a per day period… Each hand show date and time below the screen replay… play a hand at a specific time today like 7pm and then tomorrow at 7pm, then take yesterdays 7pm hand ID away from todays 7pm hand ID to get a decent average of hands played per day… OFC each day will vary in popularity so its only a guesstimate

you can take any two different hands and take the older hand ID away from the new hand ID to get the number of hands played between… then you would need to calculate the difference between the dates & times which will give you number of hands played for period of time

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May 26, 1:25 PM

May 6th 5:05 PM ET
Please send the chips :slight_smile: