4 of a kind

I was just playing omaha match 2500 tournament had four of a kind 7s and lost all my chips to a full house how can that be?

if you replay the hand you beat the fullhouse however straight flush beats your 4 of a kind and thats how you lost

In Holdem you make your best hand using your 2 hole cards and the 5 cards on table, you may use all 7 cards to make the best hand.

In Omaha it works a bit different, u get 4 hole cards and you have to use 2 of them with 3 cards on table to make your best hand. If you get 3 K’s in your hand it is never possible to make a hand with 4 of a kind, you can use only 2 of them. Same with flush, if you have only 1 hearts card in your hand it is never possible to hit flush of hearts.

I think he got the 777 in hand… only one 7 on the table… Thets not count as 4 of a kind in Omaha, only three of a kind