3 of a kind bug

to have a clear picture please look at it .


he has 4, i have j which means have bigger number than him and i need to win whereas i didn’t can you please take a look at it and moreover,
if there are bugs like this its meaningless to play

Hi Shashimsd.

Having reviewed the hand, you had three of a kind, jacks with 10 kicker, he had a full house, fours over jacks.

I hope this clears things up for you.


Nope Sir
he had 4,4 - so that means he got 3 of a kind
i had j -on the board 2 J which means 3 of a kind with J
Which means i need to get that

You should do some reviewing of hand strengths, especially a Full House specifically, to improve your poker understanding & knowledge.

Texas holdem is the best 5 card combination. This includes using 2 or 1 or 0 cards you hold in your hand called hole cards to make the best combination using the required community or shared cards dealt in the middle.

A Full house is trips or 3 of a kind plus a pair or 2 cards of the same value. You cannot have trips if you also have a pair. Examples of a FH: (suits are h=hearts d=diamonds c=clubs s=spades)

222 (trips) + 33 (pair) = Hole cards (2h3d) community cards: 2c3sAs 6c 2c
444 (trips) + JJ (pair) = Hole cards (JsJc) community cards: 4s4dKc 4c Ad
JJJ (trips) + 44 (pair) = Hole cards (4s4c) community cards: 2s6hJs Jh Jc
JJJ (trips) + 99 (pair) = Hole cards (JdAd) community cards: 9h9sKc Js Jc

A Full House 444 JJ beats trips JJJ that’s why you don’t need to get it, and you didn’t get it, and lost. Bad Luck. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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FYI, that’s not a Sir, that’s a woman. As far as your question, she is correct.

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