3 Handed Poker

I’ve just started playing 3 handed poker (meaning there are only 3 players in a sit and go type format, me and 2 other players) and I’ve got to say Im liking it :grin:

At first I started playing like a wild man thinking you need to go all in and pressure the others which was not the best thought process, the game would be over in like 2 minutes. I did however drastically slow down and decided to play a aggressive game with a lot (a lot) of min raising, which seems to be working now the game may last 20-30 minutes (I believe Im playing much better because of this structure and am starting to notice who’s weak along with picking up betting patterns (difficult to do at a 9 player MTT for me)). They start you out with 500 in chips and 10/20 blinds (which I thought was really low initially, probably why I started out playing like a manic lol) but I am really enjoying it so far. The blinds increase as well just like a regular tournament.

I’m not sure of the payout structure though (don’t know If they are getting over one me?). This particular one costs $2 to get in then once 2 other players buy-in (total of 3 players) there is a random wheel that spins to let you know what 1st place will take (I’ve seen plenty with a payout of $4 and twice seen a payout of $10 (unfortunately I lost those ones). They advertise a jackpot of up to $2400 how amazing would that be for $2 but if it does randomly have large jackpot payouts that would be amazing! It only pays 1st place as well, so if everyone pays $2 and the jackpot is $4 is the other $2 actually going to the jackpot? If I were lucky enough to see two $10 ones in a row it would be more believable in the end who know what happens to it?

I think something like this would be cool on replay.

Its been a while and just wanted to share my latest endeavor :wink: what can I say I’ve missed everyone (and Craig I’ll be back to the Kool Kidz game soon!)


Koolkidz is no more Mike, but there are other options in the Replay Leagues.

Thanks @flashlight appreciate it :wink:

it sounds like you are describing spin&go’s
it works with a fixed RNG to decide the prize you are playing for. don’t know the exact numbers but it’s something like 70% x2… 25%x5… 3%x10… and the jackpot is something like 0,001% x10000.
if you wanna know the exact numbers it should be somewhere on the internet. but the theory is that you get less most of the time, but you get a chance to win huge prizes.
spin&go’s do have more or less the same EV as normal SnG’s more much bigger variance because of the slot machine
edit: when you happen to spin a huge multiplier, the entire table is getting a part of it, but the winner will take the far most.

it is true we don’t have spin&go’s on replay, but we do have turbo SnG’s. it actually the exact same tournament structure but it doesn’t have a prize multiplier slot machine, only a fixed payout.

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You are always on point my friend! Thank You :grin:

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yw :slight_smile: