250K Hands Milestone

I’m closing in on 250k hands played here at replay, just 50 to go.
I’m curious how many hands other players have played, I’m guessing some have played over a million, perhaps even 2 or 3 million.
If you feel like it, state how many hands you’ve played here at Replay, I think it would be something interesting.

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Total hands played: 188,890

Total hands played: 86,896

Total hands played: 242,335

888,577 and lost most of them LOL, but always Fun at Replay. Great folks here !!!


Congratulations @TheKnutts , I remember getting the Milestone messages/rewards & I believe it a Mill before I will receive again.


Total hands played: 224,250

I Dukie play At 200 hands a day times 300 days is 6000 times 30 years is 18000 live hands roughly. And you can easily times that by 10 for the added speed of online is 180,000 and then three screens so around a half million prolly!

384,897 accomplished, playing hours daily 2x tables for months to years. I play very little lately so I’m not not getting many hands now.

Hi @Litenin. Very very few players on RP have played over 1M hands, and you are getting close! GL on your journey!

Any player with a high count like around 100K + hands has obviously found entertainment and demonstrated some level of commitment to playing poker on RP.



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I thought i only play a little here (20 months) but i looked and it said over 114,000 hands:)

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Ok, i looked, 118,420-wow.:slight_smile:

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Total hands played: 1,042,210 most following 3 knee surgeries and a back surgery, I am sure.


267,534 in 9 years, so I guess I don’t play all that much…lol

Turns out it is an achievement called “Eye of the Tiger”.

Need to check your math as your true total isn’t remotely close.

Yo minnow uhh obviously not on this site I signed up 12 hours ago lil fellow lol you got your stat’s out on a no risk social platform might want to seek help champ

Lil fellow, seriously. If you’re going to be condescending, at least be accurate. What I posted has nothing to do with this site. 200 x 300 isn’t 6,000, it’s 60,000. 60,000 x 30 years is 1.8 million not 18,000. I used the numbers you posted.

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Please stick to the topic - the OP has asked you to state how many hands you have played on Replay, not other sites.
Thank you