250 Million Hand ID Promotion!

We have some exciting news!!

As you may have seen on the site, we’re creeping up on our 250,000,000th hand ID! To celebrate this momentous hand, we’re giving everyone who plays in that hand a whopping 250,000 chips! :fireworks:

Keep an eye on those hand numbers … we don’t know when we’ll hit 250 million, but the more you play, the faster we’ll get there. Could be a ring game, could be a tournament game – time will tell! Just make sure you’re actually playing in that hand, as you won’t get the award if you’re at the table but sitting out. (But don’t worry – you can still fold that 2-7!)

If you’re in that lucky hand and don’t receive your award right away, don’t fret. I’ll be keeping track and manually adding the chips, so there might be a delay. :slight_smile:

Have fun … and may the luck be with you! :smiley_cat:

We’ve hit 249,000,000! Any day now …

Played the 250th last night,can’t believe i managed to stay awake! lol Congrats to Replay and Ty.
Well done to all those who have made it and hope to see our chippies SOON!

We hit the big hand!! Woooohoo!!

The hand ended up being in our Bankroll Builder tournament, and the active players involved were each awarded their hefty chip bonuses! Goldendawgs won the hand itself with two pair, Aces and Tens. Watch the hand replay right here!

Thanks to everyone for being a part of our community! Keep using those IDs to replay your hands and get better at your game. :smiley:

are you saying only the people playing in the tourny win the bonus? :frowning: i feel ripped off and sleepy

Yes! The promo was for the active players in the hand. Sorry that you ended up sleepy today!! But thanks for being part of the excitement. :relaxed: